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Utah Doc’s Wife Had ‘Greenish Pale’ Skin When Neighbor Found Her in Tub

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The neighbor of Martin MacNeill testified at the Utah doctor’s murder trial today that she found MacNeill’s wife lifeless in a bathtub wearing only a black long-sleeve shirt.

Next-door neighbor Kristi Daniels told the jury that six-year-old Ada MacNeill came to her and said, “my dad needs some help.”

When Daniels entered the home on April 11, 2007, she said she stood in the doorway of the bathroom where Martin MacNeill was with his wife, Michele, who was unconscious in the bathtub and whose skin was a “greenish pale” color.

“It all happened so fast,” Daniels kept saying on the stand in the courtroom in Provo, Utah.

Full story and video here

Martin MacNeill asking for specifics in murder case

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November 15, 2012 12:22 am  •  Paige Fieldsted – Daily Herald

PROVO — Martin MacNeill, a former Pleasant Grove doctor accused of killing his wife in 2007, is seeking more information on the charges he is facing.

In a motion filed by defense attorney Randall Spencer this month, MacNeill is asking the court to require prosecutors to provide a document called a bill of particulars. Specifically, the defense is asking for “a more specific statement of the state’s theory as to the precise time defendant allegedly administered drugs to the decedent, how defendant allegedly administered drugs to the decedent, the precise time of death and the precise cause of death — was it a heart arrhythmia, drowning, potassium poisoning or something else?” Spencer wrote in his motion. read more »

MacNeill pleads not guilty, trial date set for next year

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October 23, 2012 12:18 am  •  Paige Fieldsted – Daily Herald

PROVO — Martin MacNeill pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and obstruction of justice on Monday. MacNeill is charged with killing his wife Michele in 2007.

Earlier this month, 4th District Judge Samuel McVey ruled there was enough evidence for MacNeill to stand trial on the two felony charges after six days of testimony during a preliminary hearing. The trial will be from March 5 to April 10.

“We are happy it is after the holidays,” Alexis Somers, MacNeill’s daughter, said. “I am anxious to see this resolved and put my father in jail permanently for my mother’s murder.”

Defense attorneys Randall K. Spencer and Susanne Gustin say they will be using at least a week during the trial for MacNeill’s defense.

“We have plenty of time to be prepared and we will be putting on a vigorous defense,” Gustin said. “Martin is looking forward to proving his innocence.”

MacNeill will be in court again on Nov. 26 for a scheduling conference.

‘I thought he loved us,’ daughter testifies against her father

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By  and , Deseret News

Published: Friday, Oct. 5 2012 7:21 p.m. MDT

PROVO — Alexis Somers always believed she had a very close relationship with her dad.

“I loved my father. I wanted to go into medicine because of my father, partially. I would go with him to work. I was around my father a lot, and I loved him,” she said Friday.

That relationship changed “the day my mother died.”

Over three days of testimony, Somers was one of many witnesses who described suspicious circumstances andMartin MacNeill‘s odd behavior before and after his wife died in a bathtub in April 2007.

But whether the nearly entirely circumstantial evidence is enough for a judge to order him to stand trial for murder remains to be decided. Prosecutors will present at least two more days of testimony next week before Judge Samuel McVey makes that decision.

Somers recalled details Friday about that fateful day and why she immediately suspected the man she loved had murdered her “hero,” “best friend” and mother, Michele MacNeill. read more »

Responding officers testify in MacNeill murder case

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October 04, 2012 1:47 pm  •  Jim Dalrymple – Daily Herald

PROVO — One of the first cops to arrive at the home of Martin MacNeill on April 11, 2007, Pleasant Grove officer Ray Ormond said he found a woman lying on a bathroom floor.

“She was bluish in color, kind of pale,” Ormond testified Thursday morning in court. “She had clothing on the upper half of her body, she was wet on the upper half of her body.”

The woman was MacNeill’s wife, Michele, who was pronounced dead later that day, despite efforts by Ormond and others to revive her. After an extensive investigation, prosecutors charged MacNeill with murder, saying he intentionally plotted Michele’s death. read more »

About this ad Evidence to be presented next month against doctor charged with killing wife

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PROVO — Prosecutors expect to call as many as two dozen witnesses at a hearing next month to determine whether a Pleasant Grove doctor should stand trial in the death of  his wife.

“There will be a lot of evidence in this case,” assistant Utah County attorney Chad Grunander said Tuesday. “It is a complex case.”

Fourth District Judge Samuel D. McVey scheduled a five-day preliminary hearing to start Oct. 5 and then resume Oct. 9-12.

Martin MacNeill, 56, is accused of giving his wife, Michele, a dangerous combination of drugs and drowning her in the bathtub of their upscale home in April 2007. He is charged with murder and obstruction of justice.

He appeared in court Tuesday handcuffed and shackled and wearing a blue jail jumpsuit. Two of his daughters and other relatives sat on the front row but did not hold up photos of Michele MacNeill as they did during a previous court hearing. read more »

Daughter in Fear After Father’s Prison Release

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Original Article on ABC News 


July 12, 2012

A prominent Utah doctor suspected in his wife’s 2007 death was released from a federal prison in Texas last week after serving three years for fraud and now his daughter fears for her life after she said he killed her mother.

Martin MacNeill, doctor and former Mormon Sunday school teacher, was released from prison on Friday and returned to his Utah home where his wife, Michele MacNeill, was found dead in the bathroom.

“It’s horrifying knowing that he’s out. Knowing that he’s walking around free,” said MacNeill’s daughter, Alexis Somers.

Somers vividly recalls the day her father called to inform her of the terrible news.

“When my father called I knew he killed her,” said Somers. “I just started screaming he killed her. I knew it.”

Now that MacNeill is free and still uncharged in his wife’s death, Somersbelieves he’s getting away with murder. Somers says her father has lived a life of lies: extramarital affairs, falsifying documents to get into medical schools and serving less than two years in the U.S. Army before being discharged because of a psychiatric disorder.

Somers discovered that over the next three decades, MacNeill was able to collect more than $100,000 in disability payments from the Veteran’s Administration.

A search warrant filed last year lays out the seemingly perfect motive: MacNeill’s alleged affair with Gypsy Willis, who moved into the family’s home as a “nanny” two weeks after Michele’s death. The warrant also states that MacNeill “intentionally overdosed” his wife after she had plastic surgery because she approached him about the alleged affair.

MacNeill’s autopsy initially concluded that she died of natural causes. Later, investigators changed it to “Undetermined,” saying new information raised “suspicion.” It raised the possibility that the combination of drugs in her body could have killed her and she may have been forced to take them.

“A few days before her death, I was helping her wash her hair and she turned to me and said, ‘Alex if anything happened to me make sure it was not your father,'” said Somers.

As long as her father is a free man, Somers says she will live in constant fear. “They have all the evidence …they have everything they need. They need to do the next step… the indictment.”

MacNeill’s attorney told a Utah paper that his client adamantly denies he did anything to hurt his wife.

In 2009, while facing the federal fraud charges, he pleaded guilty to three felonies for lying to investigators.

MacNeill served time after pleading guilty to fraudulently trying to obtain military, banking and Utah identification documents for another woman, who turned out to be Willis, the woman Somers and investigators say he was having an affair with.

When MacNeill applied for the military identification with Willis, he listed April 14, 2007, as their wedding day – the day his real wife was buried and just three days after police allege he killed her.

“He’s had time to plan his next move and I am very fearful of him and my younger sisters are very scared,” said Somers.

Source: ABC NEWS

Girlfriend of ex-Pleasant Grove doctor sentenced to probation; murder charge still pending

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By Sara Lenz, Deseret News

PROVO — They sat in opposite corners of the courtroom on Tuesday.

Gypsy Willis, the girlfriend of Martin MacNeill, sat in the back right of Provo’s 4th District court, her red hair pulled back in a bun, a blue blazer on. Alexis Somers, MacNeill’s daughter, and Linda Cluff, MacNeill’s sister-in-law, sat in the front right.

It may have been the last time the three women would be in the same room together in the next three years unless murder charges are filed against MacNeill, a former Pleasant Grove doctor and attorney who investigators say had the “opportunity, the motive, the psychological disposition and the capability of killing his wife,” Michele, in April 2007, according to court documents.

Willis, 34, was sentenced Tuesday to 36 months of probation after pleading guilty in March to helping steal the identity of MacNeill’s adopted daughter, Giselle, in 2007, shortly after his wife died. In exchange for not having to serve any additional jail time, she will also be required to testify in court if murder charges are filed against MacNeill.

Willis already served a 21-month sentence in a Texas federal prison for separate federal charges stemming from the ID theft and will serve her probation term in Utah.

Willis was also ordered to have no contact with MacNeill or his extended family during the time of her probation, not go near the former MacNeill home and to attend a cognitive restructuring course. Prosecutor John Neilsen said the course should help her realize the impact of her decisions on others.

Cluff, who is also Giselle MacNeill’s adopted mother, said Giselle, now 20, has recently had trouble opening a bank account and getting her driver’s permit because of the identity theft. She also was kicked out of her apartment because of Willis’ name being tied to her and Willis’ bad credit.

“The nightmare continues for her,” Cluff said after the sentence hearing on Tuesday. “It’s an ongoing struggle. She is being challenged constantly to prove she is who she is.”

Utah County investigators say MacNeill, a father of eight, had been dating Willis for three years prior to his wife’s death and then brought her to his home as a nanny a couple weeks after.

A few months after the death, Willis and MacNeill stole Giselle’s identity, who was 16 at the time. Investigators say MacNeill sent his adopted daughter back to the Ukraine “and left (her) there to fend for herself” in the summer following his wife’s death. Giselle was planning on visiting her biological sister there for a short time, but federal prosecutors said MacNeill had no plans of having her return.

MacNeill is currently serving time in federal prison for stealing his daughter’s identity and is set to be released in July 2012.

Meanwhile, Utah County investigators should be ready to hand over their homicide investigation of Michele MacNeill within the next month to the Utah County attorney for possible charges, said prosecutor Chad Grunander, who has been assigned to review the case.

Grunander said once he gets the case, one of three things will happen: they could ask investigators to do additional research, deny the case because there is not enough evidence to support a homicide charge, or accept the case and charge MacNeill.

Grunander has another homicide case going to trial in the middle of June, so he said a decision about whether or not to charge MacNeill will probably not be made until at least July.

He said he was not sure if any additional charges will be filed against Willis in connection with Michele MacNeill’s death. Willis’ attorney, John Easton, does not expect any additional charges to be filed against his client.

MacNeill’s family members, though, believe Willis was involved, calling her “calculating.”

“She was involved in my mom’s murder,” Alexis Somers said after the sentencing on Tuesday. “I know she has valuable information. I feel that a murderer just walked out the doors.”


Original Article:

Search warrant details possible murder case against Pleasant Grove doctor

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PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) – An affidavit filed by investigators along with their request for search warrant provides the first official glimpse into the case of the death of Michele MacNeill. Read Full Story on ABC 4

View Affidavit in support of request for a search warrant. (1.1MB) (Right Click to Save)

Search warrant seeks more clues in Utah County homicide investigation

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While recovering from plastic surgery three years ago, Michele MacNeill worried that her husband, Martin MacNeill, was giving her too many painkillers and other prescription drugs

“If something happens to me,” she told her daughter Alexis Somers, “make sure it wasn’t your dad.”

Six days after that conversation on April … Read Full Story

Warrant reveals PG doctor suspected of murder

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Warrant reveals PG doctor suspected of murder

PROVO — Officials now believe a Pleasant Grove physician may have killed his wife, and have also uncovered evidence that he claimed to have killed other… Read Article on The Daily Herald.

Investigators suspect Pleasant Grove doctor killed wife

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PLEASANT GROVE — New information has led authorities to reopen an investigation into the death of a Utah woman and a search warrant shows authorities suspect her husband, a once-prominent doctor and lawyer, gave her a lethal combination of drugs days after she underwent surgery. Read Full Article on The Daily Herald.

He Killed My Sister

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April 11, 2007, Michele was gone!  What!   Is this true?  Calling around to confirm that yes, Michele was gone!  A sick feeling sunk deep down inside confirming an inner feeling, and without hesitation I knew “He killed my sister.”     I can’t stress enough to please come forward if you have any information at all on Martin MacNeill.  Thank you,  Linda Somers Cluff.

Martin MacNeill-Suspect in my sisters death

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Martin MacNeill is currently under investigation for the suspicious death of my older sister, Michele Marie “Somers” MacNeill, and there may be others out there who he has harmed.  If you have any information about this case or if you are a victim of Martin MacNeill, please contact me.

Fraud Perpetrated by Martin MacNeill

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Martin MacNeill changed the date of birth on one of his adopted daughter’s birth certificate immediately following the death of my older sister, Michele “Somers” MacNeill, in 2007. His girlfriend, Gypsy Jyll Willis, used the adopted daughter’s birth certificate and social security number to pull of this premeditated crime of identity theft.  Martin planned this crime using his own adopted daughter as the victim.