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Are you a Victim from Utah State Developmental Center?

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Martin MacNeill was the former director of the Utah State Developmental Center.  He had the opportunity to abuse so many for years at this facility.  I believe Martin did so.  I believe there are victims out there that have not come forward.  He also had access not only to victims, but to medication.  His stage there made his abilities to harm others limitless.  If you were a victim in anyway or know of someone who was please speak up by responding to this blog.  I am trying to find as much information out on behalf on my sister Michele and others as well who may have fallen prey to Martin MacNeill-Linda.

First Impressions of Martin MacNeill

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I am often asked by people, “What were your first impressions of Martin?”  I thought he was arrogant.  He walked in our house for the first time like he owned the place.  He was self-absorbed.  It became more and more apparent each time I saw him that he believed he was more superior than anyone else and he thought very highly of himself.  It became obvious how he used intimidation to get what he wanted from people.  He was also a master at manipulation.  He would skillfully and unfairly manage to influence people’s feelings and use them as a tool for his evil purposes.  People mean nothing to him except to use.  The only person who matters to Martin is Martin and that is the only person he is ever thinking about, ever worried about, or ever feels sorry for.  He puts on a show to make it appear different, but do not be deceived that is for appearance only.  There is something else on the agenda.  A tragic end for my sister.  Her life was one that the “master” managed and we could stand back and see all unfold, but could not talk reason to the deception that was skillfully placed there first.  Linda

Martin MacNeill -Places he has lived

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Here is some of the places that Martin Joesph MacNeill has lived.  If there is anyone in these areas who have fallen victim to him in anyway, please contact me.  I have been fighting her cause since hearing of death.  It has been a long hard battle, but the fight is long from over.  I will never give up.  Contact me through this web page.  Thank-you, Linda

Places where Martin has lived: Camden, NJ, Long Beach, CA, Olympia, WA, Hollywood, CA, Mission Viejo, CA, Walnut, CA, Greenville, CA, Guadalajara Mexico, Flushing, New York, Salem, UT, Friday Harbor, WA, Orem, UT, Pleasant Grove, UT.