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Daughter, sister say charges confirm suspicions that doctor killed wife

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She’s been fighting every day to keep the memory of her deceased mother, Michele MacNeill, in the public eye. Constant contact with police, investigators and the media, she believes, helped to encourage prosecutors to reopen the case more than a year after her mother was found dead in the bathtub of her home in 2007.

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Doc suspected in wife’s death freed on fraud case

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A prominent Utah doctor suspected in his wife’s 2007 death was released from a federal prison in Texas late last week after serving time for fraud.

Dr. Martin MacNeill was freed Friday but remains on three years of probation as part of his sentence.

“It’s really sickening to me,” daughter Alexis Somers told The Deseret News ( Monday. “I am back to this panic feeling, just really nervous knowing what he is capable of doing and now he is out.”

Somers, other family members and Utah County investigators believe MacNeill killed his wife in April 2007 then covered it up _ charges the doctor has denied. He claims he had nothing to do with his wife’s death. Telephone messages left Tuesday for two of his attorneys weren’t returned.

Michele MacNeill’s body was found in a bathtub in the couple’s Pleasant Grove home, about 35 miles south of Salt Lake City.

An autopsy indicated she died of natural causes, but a 2010 addendum to that report questioned the manner of death. Authorities now say they believe Michele MacNeill was drugged by her husband, but they haven’t been able to prove it.

Martin MacNeill has never been charged in her death.

He served time after pleading guilty to fraudulently trying to obtain military, banking and Utah identification documents for another woman.

Investigators and family members claim MacNeill had been having an affair with Gypsy Jyll Willis, the very woman who landed him in prison for fraud. When he applied for a military identification card for a woman he called his wife, he listed April 14, 2007, as their wedding day _ the very day his real wife was buried and just three days after police say he killed her.

A search warrant filed in March 2011 said MacNeill had the perfect motive _ to cover up his affair. Willis also was convicted in the fraud case involving the ID card and served a year in federal prison.

“Martin had motive to kill his wife as he was attempting to hide his affair with Gypsy Willis and his continued contact with her,” the search warrant states. “Ultimately Martin intentionally overdosed Michele with the medications.”

Michele MacNeill underwent plastic surgery on April 3, 2007 _ just eight days before her death and shortly after confronting her husband about an affair that had been going on for the last three years, the search warrant affidavit states. It further said Michele MacNeill told her daughter that her husband had her take medications throughout the night even though they made her sick. She was found the next morning unresponsive and remained in that state throughout the day.

Chief investigator Jeff Robinson wrote that the doctor had access to the drugs and “admitted overdosing her a few days prior to her death as if he was going through a practice run.”

Chad Grunander, the Utah County prosecutor assigned to the case, said although MacNeill is out of prison the homicide investigation is still ongoing. MacNeill is required to stay in Utah as terms of his probation.

Authorities say Martin MacNeill spent a lifetime spinning lies. Utah County investigators say he used falsified records to get into medical schools in Mexico and California and later, Brigham Young University.

In 2009, while facing the federal fraud charges, he pleaded guilty to three felonies for lying to investigators.



Doctor subject of murder investigation after release from prison

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A former Pleasant Grove physician finished up a federal prison sentence earlier this month but remains the subject of a murder investigation.

Martin MacNeill was released from prison July 6, where he spent the last three years serving a three-year sentence for aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting. MacNeill pleaded guilty to the charges in June 2009. According to court documents, MacNeill was charged after he stole his daughter’s identity while she was in Ukraine.

MacNeill was formerly a clinical director of the Utah State Developmental Center in American Fork.

But while MacNeill’s release from prison essentially wraps up his federal case, he may still face state charges for killing his wife. Prosecutor Tim Taylor confirmed Thursday that MacNeill is the subject of an investigation, though authorities have not yet determined how to proceed or if any charges will be filed.

“When we look at this case there appears to be a lot of evidence that is very suspicious,” Taylor said. “But what we think is suspicious and what we can prove are two different things.”

The investigation stems from allegations that MacNeill killed his wife Michele shortly after she had plastic surgery in 2007. According to court documents filed in March 2011, MacNeill may have killed Michele with a lethal cocktail of drugs because he wanted to conceal an affair with Gypsy Willis. The documents also state that MacNeill said he wanted to kill one of his daughters, admitted to killing his brother and making it look like suicide and bragged about killing his patients. The admissions were allegedly made to a past mistress, who reportedly told her psychiatrist that she was having an affair with a serial killer.

The documents conclude that MacNeill had the “opportunity, the motive, the psychological disposition and the capability” to kill his wife.

In a previous interview, MacNeill’s daughter, Alexis Somers, expressed certainty that her father was behind her mother’s death.

Though Taylor confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, he did not provide additional details about recent developments. He also said prosecutors don’t currently have a time line for when they might file charges. Instead, he said, any charges will be filed if and when investigators gather enough evidence to prevail in court. Taylor added that MacNeill’s release from federal prison does not change prosecutors’ approach to the case.

Though MacNeill is currently free, Willis is back behind bars. In 2009, Willis was charged in Utah with four felonies for identity fraud, making false statements and having a wrongful lien. She pleaded guilty to the charges in March 2011 and was sentenced to probation.

However, on July 11 Willis was re-arrested for violating her probation. Court documents reveal that Willis violated her probation by not actually residing at her registered address in Clearfield, and by not being honest about her silver BMW. The car reportedly was given to her by MacNeill and she never registered it in her name because she owes back taxes, the documents add.

The documents recommend that Willis’s probation be restarted. Her next court date is scheduled for July 17.


Woman linked to murder case given bail on probation violation

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PROVO — Less than two weeks after her arrest, a woman convicted of identity theft and who also may be entangled in a murder investigation will have a chance to go free.

A judge ruled Tuesday afternoon that Gypsy Willis, 35, qualified for $5,000 bail. The ruling was made after defense attorney John Easton argued that the probation violations that landed Willis back in jail were extremely minor, if they were violations at all.

“This probation violation report has some of the most benign allegations I’ve seen,” Easton told the court.

Willis was arrested July 6 for allegedly not keeping her address current with probation officers and for not being honest about having a silver BMW. She was serving probation as a result of her 2011 conviction on four felonies for identity fraud, making false statements and having a wrongful lien.

The convictions stemmed from a case that also involves former Pleasant Grove doctor Martin MacNeill. According to court documents, MacNeill and Willis stole the identity of one of MacNeill’s daughters. MacNeill was convicted on federal charges for the crime, and spent three years in prison before being released on July 7.

MacNeill also is the subject of an investigation being conducted by the Utah County prosecutor’s office. The investigation aims to determine if he killed his wife in 2007, shortly after she had plastic surgery. Previous court documents have stated that MacNeill had the capacity and motive to kill his wife.

Despite the investigation, prosecutors have not said if they plan to file charges or, if they do, what those charges may be. Willis herself has not been named as a possible suspect in any potential murder.

In the meantime, however, after Willis posts bail both she and MacNeill will likely be simultaneously free for the first time in years. Willis’s next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 14 and will determine if she actually violated her probation.


Daughter in Fear After Father’s Prison Release

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Original Article on ABC News 


July 12, 2012

A prominent Utah doctor suspected in his wife’s 2007 death was released from a federal prison in Texas last week after serving three years for fraud and now his daughter fears for her life after she said he killed her mother.

Martin MacNeill, doctor and former Mormon Sunday school teacher, was released from prison on Friday and returned to his Utah home where his wife, Michele MacNeill, was found dead in the bathroom.

“It’s horrifying knowing that he’s out. Knowing that he’s walking around free,” said MacNeill’s daughter, Alexis Somers.

Somers vividly recalls the day her father called to inform her of the terrible news.

“When my father called I knew he killed her,” said Somers. “I just started screaming he killed her. I knew it.”

Now that MacNeill is free and still uncharged in his wife’s death, Somersbelieves he’s getting away with murder. Somers says her father has lived a life of lies: extramarital affairs, falsifying documents to get into medical schools and serving less than two years in the U.S. Army before being discharged because of a psychiatric disorder.

Somers discovered that over the next three decades, MacNeill was able to collect more than $100,000 in disability payments from the Veteran’s Administration.

A search warrant filed last year lays out the seemingly perfect motive: MacNeill’s alleged affair with Gypsy Willis, who moved into the family’s home as a “nanny” two weeks after Michele’s death. The warrant also states that MacNeill “intentionally overdosed” his wife after she had plastic surgery because she approached him about the alleged affair.

MacNeill’s autopsy initially concluded that she died of natural causes. Later, investigators changed it to “Undetermined,” saying new information raised “suspicion.” It raised the possibility that the combination of drugs in her body could have killed her and she may have been forced to take them.

“A few days before her death, I was helping her wash her hair and she turned to me and said, ‘Alex if anything happened to me make sure it was not your father,’” said Somers.

As long as her father is a free man, Somers says she will live in constant fear. “They have all the evidence …they have everything they need. They need to do the next step… the indictment.”

MacNeill’s attorney told a Utah paper that his client adamantly denies he did anything to hurt his wife.

In 2009, while facing the federal fraud charges, he pleaded guilty to three felonies for lying to investigators.

MacNeill served time after pleading guilty to fraudulently trying to obtain military, banking and Utah identification documents for another woman, who turned out to be Willis, the woman Somers and investigators say he was having an affair with.

When MacNeill applied for the military identification with Willis, he listed April 14, 2007, as their wedding day – the day his real wife was buried and just three days after police allege he killed her.

“He’s had time to plan his next move and I am very fearful of him and my younger sisters are very scared,” said Somers.

Source: ABC NEWS

Search warrant details possible murder case against Pleasant Grove doctor

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PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) – An affidavit filed by investigators along with their request for search warrant provides the first official glimpse into the case of the death of Michele MacNeill. Read Full Story on ABC 4

View Affidavit in support of request for a search warrant. (1.1MB) (Right Click to Save)

Utah County doctor killed wife with deadly combination of drugs, new warrant states

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PLEASANT GROVE — Utah County investigators believe a prominent Pleasant Grove doctor and attorney killed his wife by administering a deadly combination of drugs days after she had surgery, a new search warrant states. Read Full Story

Warrant reveals PG doctor suspected of murder

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Warrant reveals PG doctor suspected of murder

PROVO — Officials now believe a Pleasant Grove physician may have killed his wife, and have also uncovered evidence that he claimed to have killed other… Read Article on The Daily Herald.

Investigators suspect Pleasant Grove doctor killed wife

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PLEASANT GROVE — New information has led authorities to reopen an investigation into the death of a Utah woman and a search warrant shows authorities suspect her husband, a once-prominent doctor and lawyer, gave her a lethal combination of drugs days after she underwent surgery. Read Full Article on The Daily Herald.

Girlfriend of Pleasant Grove man being investigated in his wife’s death released from jail

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By Sara Lenz – Deseret News

PROVO — With disappointment, Alexis Somers and Rachel MacNeill watched as the woman they believe helped kill their mom was ordered to be released from jail during a court hearing Tuesday.

Gypsy Willis pleaded guilty in Provo’s 4th District Court to one count of identity fraud, two counts of false and inconsistent material statements and one count of wrongful lien in connection with helping steal the identity of Giselle MacNeill, the adopted daughter of her boyfriend Martin MacNeill, Somers’ and Rachel MacNeill’s father.

Willis entered into a plea deal Tuesday in which she agreed to plead guilty to all charges and to testify honestly in court if any murder charges are filed against Martin MacNeill in the future. In exchange, the Utah County Attorney’s Office has agreed not to seek additional jail time when she is sentenced at the end of next month.

Her attorney, John Easton, and prosecutor John Nielson said they agreed to recommend that Willis be given three years of probation and a no contact order with Martin MacNeill and his extended family. Many of Martin MacNeill’s children and relatives believe he killed his wife Michele in April 2007.

“We are completely horrified she’s out on the streets now,” Rachel MacNeill said after Willis’ hearing. “I’m very fearful for our family and our sisters. I’m afraid she will hurt and destroy other people as well.”

Willis, 34, just finished her 21-month federal prison sentence for aggravated identity theft this week. And Martin MacNeill, a Pleasant Grove doctor, attorney and father of eight, is currently serving a four-year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of aiding and abetting in aggravated identity theft in August 2009. He is set to be released July 8, 2012.

Investigators say Willis and MacNeill’s relationship had been “heating up” prior to his wife’s suspicious death. Just weeks after her death, Willis moved into the MacNeill home as the nanny.

Investigators say MacNeill and Willis then began altering Willis’ identity, obtaining false military IDs, a Utah state ID card, and opening numerous bank accounts under the false name and identity. Jeff Robinson, Utah County investigator, said Willis had bad credit and the two were planning on starting a new life together.

They used the identity of his 16-year-old adopted daughter, Giselle — a daughter investigators say he had “flown to the Ukraine and left there to fend for herself” in the summer following his wife’s death. Giselle, who is from Ukraine, was planning on visiting her sister there for a short time, but federal prosecutors said there was no plan of having her return.

Before Willis signed her plea deal on Tuesday, MacNeill’s attorney, Randy Spencer, looked over it.

Easton said that he doesn’t believe murder charges would be filed against Martin MacNeill. He said he has read Willis’ interrogation with Utah County investigators and believes there are no implications his client was involved in Michele MacNeill’s death.

At one point, Somers said she had heard Willis was planning to move back into home of Somers’ mother and father after she was released, and this thought horrified her. She and her sisters still have things in the home they haven’t been able to get because it is currently in probate.

“My little sister Ada still asks, ‘When can I get my little dolls and my princess bed?’ ” said Somers, who has taken custody of three of her adopted sisters.

But the judge noted that Willis is not to go to the Pleasant Grove home where she lived with MacNeill and his children for several months in 2007.

Easton said he expects Willis will stay with family and friends and then find her own home, although he said he was not sure whether she has to stay in Utah or not, adding that with the no contact order with Martin MacNeill and his family, he sees “positive things in Gypsy’s future.”

“I think everyone should feel some satisfaction out of (the plea deal),” Easton said.

But family members of MacNeill who were in court Tuesday were clearly unhappy that Willis is out of jail. And Somers believes her dad and Willis have been in contact since being sentenced to prison.

Willis’ roommates told investigators Willis had threatened to cut the brake lines of their mom’s car or poison her before her death and even stole a picture of her from the house, according to court documents.

Prosecutors are still investigating Michele MacNeill’s death and have indicated they may file murder charges against him.

“This is not what we wanted,” Rachel MacNeill said of the court proceedings Tuesday. “We wanted Gypsy to stay in jail, and now she’s out and she’s a threat. I just want the world safe from these monsters.”

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Watch the 20/20 Episode

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20/20 season 33 episode 9 – aired on Friday Feb. 25th – Now available to watch on via Hulu.  Watch 20/20 online in our Video Section Here!

or to watch 20/20 S33E9 on

Video segments are also on ABC News.

How did Martin get caught with identity theft and thus discovered? The true story and much more.

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The events that led up to Martin being caught for identity theft creating the foundation for the more horrifying parts to surface, is an interestingly coincidental story.  Basically, one of the MacNeill’s adopted children, Giselle MacNeill, was deported by Martin back to Ukraine after Michele died.  She was under the assumption it was just for a summer visit.  However, Giselle did not return after the summer.  A brief summary of what occurs next are as follows.  When Michele’s sister, Linda and her daughter, Jill discovered this they felt compelled to do something about it.  Jill, Giselle’s cousin, began searching for her and upon reviewing the online obituary for Michele, hoping to find a contact in the Ukraine, she discovered an entry written from a “Yulia” who had posted a comment with her email address on the obituary. Yulia, was the translator from the Ukraine who helped Martin and Michele adopt their children.  Jill emailed her and asked if she might know where Giselle was.  Jill eventually received a response back from Yulia informing Jill that she did know of Giselle’s whereabouts and she soon was able to provide a phone number for Jill. Jill and Giselle eventually spoke.  Giselle was so happy to hear from Jill.  She was crying and could not wait to return to the United Stated.  She told the story of how she was left there and had no money or food.  Travel plans were arranged by our family and Jill flew to the Ukraine.  Jill could not believe the horrible conditions that she was living in and escorted Giselle home to Spanish Fork to live with Linda, Michele’s sister, and her family.  Almost one year later Giselle was finally home in the United States.

Upon Giselle’s return to the United States she was very fearful of Martin.  Michele’s sister Linda feared him as well as she knew there was some premeditated plan for Martin to have abandoned her over there.  On May 22, 2008 Linda went to court and filed and an Ex-Parte Protective Order against Martin.

Linda then had to retain an attorney to obtain guardianship.  This I find odd to have to fight for custody against a father who abandoned his daughter in a foreign country who at their own cost they had to bring back?  They have to hire an attorney at their own cost?  What’s wrong with this!?
August 11, 2008 Martin relinquished his parental rights and Custody and guardianship of Ada, Sabrina, and Elle continued with Alexis and Giselle with Linda.  (Ok, put me through months of court and the expense of attorney fees and then relinquish parental rights–typical Martin).

Linda then began the process to adopt Giselle.  It was during Giselle’s adoption process to Michele’s sister, Linda Cluff, that a curious thing came out of the wood-work.  It was discovered that  Giselle MacNeill’s ‘Date of Birth’ had been changed by 20 years!  The adoption process could not continue, and we learned that Martin MacNeill perpetrated fraud to a court, again.  More events are unfolded and are found in Linda Cluff’s record below.
–Website Moderator

Going to the Police:
Within about a week of Michele’s death I went to the police, because I suspected foul play.  This was following my sister’s funeral which Martin’s odd behavior at even greater confirmed what I already knew when I heard of her death that Martin had killed her.  I went with my daughter Jill first to the Utah County Sheriff’s with my suspicions.  We spoke to two officers there whose names I do have, but I will not publish.  I took with me the carefully kept papers from my mother from his 1977 fraud incident in Orange County which contained two psychological evaluations with alarming statements.   I also stated that I felt because he had a medical background he would know just what to do to hide any foul play which was very concerning to me.  They said unfortunately it was out of their jurisdiction so they would be unable to handle it.  They looked in the computer and told me the name Officer with the Pleasant Grove Police Department who was handling it and stated that they would pass the paperwork to that Officer and have him contact me.  I stressed that I wanted to remain confidential and not have my name on any paperwork.
First Meeting with the Pleasant Grove Police Officer:
I met briefly with him.  He informed me that he was investigating Michele’s death; and had received the documents and information from the Utah County Sheriff’s Department.  He told me some other information, but I am at this time electing not to disclose.  I was concerned with what I was told. He stated that he was awaiting autopsy results, and would let me know when he received them.  I stressed to him as well that I wished for my name to be confidential.
Second Meeting with Officer:
The Officer called me in and gave me the autopsy results.  He told me Michele’s death was ruled as natural.  He gave me more detailed information which is on the report, but I am electing to leave that out of this summary.  I informed him that the results didn’t shock me at all.  I was expecting the results to be normal.  Martin would know how to hide any sort of foul play. I absolutely knew the report would not reveal any foul play.  The Officer said he was closing the case which upset me.  All he had done was arrive at the scene, question no one except Martin about what had happened.  He then just waited for the autopsy results and closed the case.  What kind of investigation is that?  Didn’t question the neighbors or Ada even when there was discrepancies as to how she was found and the evidence cleaned up!  He also had me in there asking for an investigation with real concerns.  And what about the papers I had brought in?
Third Meeting with Officer June 21, 2007:
Two family members of Michele’s came with me to speak to the investigating officer with me.  The Officer’s supervisor came in as well.  It seemed before we even got started they had a defensive attitude.  We could sense it as we walked in the room.  We started by stating that we had very strong feelings that Martin had something to do with our sister’s death.  He of course already knew this as I had been in there previously myself stating this, but now there were three of us.  We informed them that we had just found out some new things from our sister’s children and we felt they should be made aware of this information.  (We had now learned that Michele’s children also felt their Dad killed Michele.  Prior to that they had not confided to us even though Alexis thought it all along, because she was afraid and still living with her dad trying to get her sisters that were still at home).  We told the Officer about how just a week or so after Michele was buried  Martin posed a woman named Gypsy as a nanny he had hired.  However, he had been making calls to Gypsy prior to Michele’s death.  We also told him that Michele had confided to Alexis just prior to her death stating to her that if anything happened to her to make sure that Martin had nothing to do with it.  The Officer’s only comment back was that Alexis had just probably said that because she was mad at her dad for having an affair.
The Officer was very defensive the entire time and he said, “Are you trying to tell me that I don’t know how to do my job?’”  We were all very nice to him and said, “No we have just learned new information that we thought you should be aware of.”  We also brought up the fact that if new things are discovered about the case we had heard of cases where after learning of new information they have exhumed bodies for more testing.  He and his supervisor said they had never heard of such a thing.  They made us feel like idiots.
I want to stress they were very rude.  They made us feel like we were wasting their time and putting them out.  They never asked one single question.  They took no notes.  They told us the case was closed that that was that.  When we left the station we kept saying to each other what a strange and awful experience we had felt.  They were not interested in anything we had to say at all and acted in a most unprofessional and insensitive manner.
Errors on the Police Report:
In the Narrative on the Police Report there are many error just showing how sloppy and unprofessional they were.  It states that “Michele” brought in documentation regarding Martin instead of “Linda”.  They mixed me up with my deceased sister.
They state I brought in “military records” when it was “psychology reports.”
They stated that “Linda’s” death was natural instead of “Michele’s.”
They stated that I (Linda) was shocked by the autopsy result and believed that Martin was involved, which is true.  I do believe Martin was involved, but I stated that I was NOT shocked by the autopsy results, and comments actually that it did not surprise me at all because Martin would know how to hide or cover up what he had done.  I was upset due to them stating the case was closed due to the autopsy no matter what other evidence or motive was being presented to them.  I never said Martin paid the Medical Examiner for the autopsy results.  The paper keeps quoting this incorrectly.  Also they put my name everywhere on the police report when I asked them not to.
I got no place with the Pleasant Grove Police Department.  I was told the case was closed and nothing more would be done.  I absolutely would not give up on this and began contacting the Utah County Attorney’s Office first calling, emailing, writing letters and dropping information by to Dave Sturgill.  I even wrote former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and my daughter Jill hand delivered the letter in a packet with other information to the capital to his office informing them it was urgent, and made a couple of follow up calls to his secretary, Gloria.  The Utah County Attorney’s Office finally picked up the case in January 2008, after my persistence.  It was first assigned to Sgt. Toby O’Bryant, but in the beginning of March 2008 he resigned so I received an email from Jeff Robinson on March 13, 2008 explaining that he would be reassigning the case.  At that point nothing had even been done on the case.  I finally heard again from Jeff Robinson on July 14, 2008 stating that he had assigned the case to Doug Witney and that he would be reviewing my case on July 21st or 22nd.  Thus started where we are at now.

May there be justice for Michele.  For Michele’s family it has been over 30 years of struggles as we have seen and experienced things that only we know.  Martin through his lies to distance Michele from her family so in many ways we were robbed of Michele long ago.  He is never changed.  He is deceitful and cunning and always feels he is above the law.  He has deceived my sister as many others.  Martin is calculated, controlling and manipulative.  I know he is responsible for the death of my sister.  I plead for her cause.

4 Local Newspapers Announce National Coverage of Michele’s Story on 20/20

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This morning we were pleased to see that all of our local newspapers had an article letting the community here in Utah know that this story was going to be aired on 20/20. They all wrote a little summary of the story. Please look at each one and share your comments.

KSL News: Pleasant Grove woman’s strange death will soon get national coverage

Daily Hearld: National media follows Martin Macneill case

“20/20″ takes on (alleged) sensational Utah murder case

’20/20′ to feature a story on imprisoned Pleasant Grove doctor Martin Macneill

20/20 Announces MacNeill Story To Air February 25, 2011

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20/20 has announced they will air the story about Michele February 25, 2011.  It includes interviews with various family members, neighbors, investigators involved, and includes clips of the actual show set to air.

Click Here for Original Article / Slide Show 20/20 – Michele MacNeill story on 20/20 trailer.

First Impressions of Martin MacNeill

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I am often asked by people, “What were your first impressions of Martin?”  I thought he was arrogant.  He walked in our house for the first time like he owned the place.  He was self-absorbed.  It became more and more apparent each time I saw him that he believed he was more superior than anyone else and he thought very highly of himself.  It became obvious how he used intimidation to get what he wanted from people.  He was also a master at manipulation.  He would skillfully and unfairly manage to influence people’s feelings and use them as a tool for his evil purposes.  People mean nothing to him except to use.  The only person who matters to Martin is Martin and that is the only person he is ever thinking about, ever worried about, or ever feels sorry for.  He puts on a show to make it appear different, but do not be deceived that is for appearance only.  There is something else on the agenda.  A tragic end for my sister.  Her life was one that the “master” managed and we could stand back and see all unfold, but could not talk reason to the deception that was skillfully placed there first.  Linda