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Mormon doctor ‘who murdered his wife moved lover into the family home just weeks later to work as his children’s nanny’

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  • Martin MacNeill, 56, ‘gave wife Michele lethal cocktail of drugs before she was found drowned in the bath at their home’ in 2007
  • Gypsy Jyll Willis ‘met him online in 2005 and started a relationship’
  • She ‘moved into a house he owned and he gave her an unlimited credit card’
  • After wife’s death, MacNeill ‘orchestrated a meeting between his daughter and Willis at a Mormon temple and pretended not to know her’

A woman who had a year-long affair with a doctor before he allegedly killed his wife has testified that he moved her into his family home just weeks after the murder to be the new nanny.

Gypsy Jyll Willis detailed the clandestine relationship as she took the stand in the fifth day of a preliminary hearing of Martin MacNeill, 56, in Provo, Utah on Wednesday.

As she left the stand, she locked eyes with MacNeill, staring adoringly at him as she walked past.

MacNeill, a former Mormon Sunday school teacher and father of seven is accused of murdering his wife Michele, who was found drowned in the bathtub at their Pleasant Grove, Utah home in 2007.

He is accused of forcing her to have a face lift before giving her a cocktail of lethal drugs, which he claimed would help her recovery. She was found dead eight days later.

Look of love: Gypsy Willis passes Martin MacNeill, a doctor accused of murdering his wife, after testifying against him on Wednesday. They had an affair for more than a year before the deathLook of love: Gypsy Willis passes Martin MacNeill, a doctor accused of murdering his wife, after testifying against him on Wednesday. They had an affair for more than a year before the death read more »

The ‘other woman’ in MacNeill’s life testifies at murder hearing

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Doctor killed wife, prosecutors say, so he could continue extra-marital affair

By Jessica Miller | The Salt Lake Tribune
First Published Oct 10 2012 01:14 pm

Provo • Gypsy Jyll Willis said she never intended to start a serious relationship with Martin MacNeill.

But that all changed after MacNeill’s wife was found dead in a bathtub at her Pleasant Grove home on April 11, 2007.

Willis said her sexual relationship with MacNeill began in November 2005, while MacNeill was still married.

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Gypsy Willis sentenced to 3 years of probation

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Gypsy Willis

That's Michele's Jacket! Unbelievable.

PROVO — A Pleasant Grove woman will spend the next three years on probation for stealing the identity of teenage girl.

Gypsy Willis, 34, was sentenced Tuesday to 36 months of probation for identity fraud and two counts of giving false and inconsistent statements, all second-degree felonies, and filing a wrongful lien, a third-degree felony. Willis pleaded guilty to the charges in March as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors.

In addition to probation, Willis also was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but was given credit for time served and will not actually have to spend additional time incarcerated. The judge also ordered her to pay fines and fees and to participate in a “cognitive restructuring” course. Prosecutor John Neilsen said that the course is designed to help those who commit crimes realize that their actions impact other people.

Yet another condition of Willis’s probation is that she not have any contact with the MacNeill family, which includes the victim as well as Willis’s former boyfriend, Pleasant Grove doctor Martin MacNeill.

According to prosecutors, Willis’s charges were the result of efforts between MacNeill and Willis to alter Willis’s identity. They reportedly tried to steal the identity of MacNeill’s then 16-year-old adopted daughter, Giselle MacNeill, shortly after the death of MacNeill’s wife, Michele, in 2007.

Willis agreed to her sentence when she entered her pleas. On Tuesday her lawyer, John Easton, pointed out that she had no criminal history other than federal charges related to the same incidents, had a low risk for re-offense, and had been compliant with the terms of her parole from federal prison.

But family members of the victim expressed alarm at Willis’s release and sentence. Linda Cluff, Giselle’s guardian, said that Giselle’s credit has been ruined by the identity theft. Cluff said that Giselle now is required to bring documents with her wherever she goes to prove she is not Willis, and has lost an apartment because of the confusion caused by the crime.

“Anywhere she goes she’s affected,” Cluff said. “It’s an ongoing struggle.”

MacNeill’s daughter Alexis Somers went further, saying that Willis’s sentence freed a woman who had colluded with her father to kill her mother.

“We feel a murderer just walked out the doors,” Somers said after Tuesday’s hearing.

Somers and other MacNeill family members have worked for years to prove that their father was behind the death of their mother. Though no murder charges have been brought against MacNeill or Willis, court documents filed last month reveal that investigators believe MacNeill had the motive and ability to kill his wife. Willis and MacNeill reportedly were having an affair before Michele MacNeill’s death, and the documents reveal that Willis expressed a desire to kill her. The documents also indicate that MacNeill may have killed his brother, as well as patients at the state Developmental Center in American Fork, where he was clinical director.

Neilsen said Tuesday that as part of Willis’s plea bargain she could be required to testify against MacNeill, should he ever face charges for the death of his wife.

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Martin MacNeill’s girlfriend may get a plea deal

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PROVO — A plea deal may be in the works for the girlfriend of former Pleasant Grove doctor and attorney Martin MacNeill, who is accused of killing his wife.

Gypsy Willis, who is being charged with one count of identity fraud, two counts of false and inconsistent material statements and one count of wrongful lien in connection with stealing MacNeill’s adopted daughter’s identity, appeared in Provo’s 4th District Court Tuesday for a waiver hearing.

The hearing was delayed until March 15, but her attorney, John Easton, told the judge he has talked with prosecuting attorneys and Utah County investigators and believes they are close to a resolution.

When asked about the possibility of a plea deal, Martin MacNeill’s family members, who were in court Tuesday, said they just hope it wouldn’t mean Willis is out on the streets soon.

“I feel she needs to stay in jail,” said Alexis Somers, Martin MacNeill’s daughter. “She is a danger. If she’s out, I will constantly be looking over my shoulder.”

Somers and Rachel MacNeill, Martin MacNeill’s oldest daughter, believe Willis was also involved in their mom’s suspicious death in 2007.

MacNeill, 54, and Willis, 34, began dating a few years before his wife’s death, that was first ruled “natural” and later changed to “undetermined” and “suspicious.” Investigators say Willis and MacNeill’s relationship had been “heating up” prior to Michele MacNeill’s death. Willis’ two roommates told investigators Willis even talked to them about poisoning MacNeill’s wife or cutting the brake lines of her car prior to her death.

Willis, who had a big grin on her face as she talked to her attorney in court, is currently finishing out her 21-month sentence for federal charges of aiding and abetting in aggravated identity theft. Her release date is March 12. Her lawyer also filed a motion to address bail at Willis’ next hearing.

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Martin MacNeill’s girlfriend faces identity fraud charge

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Ravell Call, Deseret News: Gypsy Willis, former girlfriend of Martin MacNeill, listens to her attorney, John Easton

PROVO — The girlfriend of a man suspected of killing his wife was in court Tuesday on charges of working with him to steal his daughter’s identity.

Gypsy Willis, aka Giselle Jillian MacNeill, is currently serving a 21-month sentence for federal charges of aiding and abetting in aggravated identity theft and made her initial appearance for her district charges Tuesday. She was charged in December 2009 in 4th Provo’s District Court with one count of identity fraud, two counts of false and inconsistent material statements and one count of wrongful lien.

She set a waiver hearing March 1 where a preliminary hearing will be set or she will waive her preliminary hearing. Willis will be serving her last few weeks of her federal sentence in the Utah County jail.

The 34-year-old had been dating Martin MacNeill, a Pleasant Grove doctor and attorney, for several years before moving in with him and his family as a nanny just weeks after his wife’s suspicious death in April 2007.

Right after his wife, Michele, died, prosecutors say MacNeill and Willis began altering Willis’ identity, obtaining false military IDs, a Utah state ID card, and opening numerous bank accounts under the false name and identity.

They used the identity of his 16-year-old adopted daughter, Giselle — a daughter investigators say he had “flown to the Ukraine and left there to fend for herself” in the summer following his wife’s death.

MacNeill’s daughter, Alexis Somers, and Michele MacNeill’s sister, Linda Cluff, were both in the courtroom for Willis’ case.

“It was really hard,” Cluff said of being in the same room as Willis. “The fact that she just glares at you and then smiles — it’s just hard to see someone who destroyed our family’s lives.”

According to investigators MacNeill and Willis’ relationship had been “heating up” prior to Michele MacNeill’s death. Her two roommates told investigators Willis even talked to them about poisoning MacNeill’s wife or cutting the brake lines of her car.

“I am just scared she is going to get off,” Somers said of her father’s girlfriend, who she suspects is still in communication with her dad. “She is a threat. I am concerned for my safety, my family’s safety and my little sisters’ safety.”

Family members expect murder charges to be filed against MacNeill next month.

By Sara Lenz, Deseret News

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Gypsy Jyll Willis

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Gypsy Willis schemed with Martin MacNeill to steal the identity of one of his adopted daughters.  She was charged with these crimes and is also currently in prison.  On one of the altered documents that she used to obtain the false birth certificate she posed as the adoptive mother.  She has also posed as Martin’s MacNeill’s wife and they used my sister Michele’s funeral date as their actual wedding date.  Can you believe that?  She also had the nerve to use Michele’s birth date on one forged document.  How dare her! Here are the names I have seen her use:

Her real name-Gypsy Jyll Willis

AKA’s-Jillian Giselle MacNeill & Jyll Wilson

If you have any information regarding her in affiliation with Martin MacNeill please contact me.