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1991 Deseret News Article Congratulates Martin

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This article congratulates those who passed the Utah Bar Exam.  Martin is in the list and got there by using false education records,  Here is the original article..

The Utah State Board of Bar Commissioners has announced the names of those people who passed the Utah State Bar examination administered July 30-31.

A combined admissions ceremony with the Utah Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court was held Oct. 15 to recognize the recipients:George S. Adondakis, David E. Allen, Rock W. Allen, Daniel D. Andersen, Linda J. Anderson, Sonja C. Anthony, Richard F. Armknecht;

Eugene Clayton Austin, Jocelyn S. Azarcon, Craig Marvin Bainum, Roger E. Baker, Michele Ballantyne, Stephen C. Bamberger, Stephen G. Beem;

Bradley L. Bell, David D. Bennett, Sanford L. Beshear, Ted D. Blanchard, Brett B. Boyer, Keith Lynn Bradford, Kenneth D. Bradshaw;

Victorea D. Brown, Elizabeth J. Buchanan, Randall J. Bunn, Bradley R. Cahoon, Valerie G. Cairns, Michael Timothy Callahan, Patricia S. Cassell;

Sheleigh A. Chalkley, Scott Gardner Charlier, Kerry L. Chlarson, Steve S. Christensen, Mary C. Cline, Richard C. Coxson;

Gerrell Glen Crabtree, Judith E. Crum, Douglas K. Cummings, David A. Cutt, Dennis V. Dahle, James D. Dahlstorm, Craig W. Dallon;

Melyssa D. Davidson, Antoinette DeFriez, Susan M. Denhardt, John E. Diaz, David M. Dorny, Paul C. Drecksel, Sandra N. Dredge;

Jill L. Dunyon, Brent A. Earl, Bruce C. Evans, Kristin L. Fadel, Kirk A. Farber, Todd D. Gardner, David C. Gessel, Kirk G. Gibbs;

Wayne B. Giles, Richard R. Golden, Steven K. Gordon, Laura M. Gray, William R. Gray, Susanne Gustin-Furgis, David J. Hardy, Matthew J. Harmer;

Jared M. Harris, Jonathan L. Hawkins, Claralyn M. Hill, Kia Lyn F. Hodgson, Steven F. Huefner, Mary M. (Kuck) Hunt, Hakeem Ishola;

Mark C. Jahne, Bruce C. Jenkins, Russell L. Jenson, Renee M. Jimenez, Catherine McAvoy Johnson, Kurt A. Johnson, Carolyn Jones;

Gergory N. Jones, Lowell M. Jones, Stuart C. Jones, Blake P. Kipp, Kathryn C. Knight, Stephen Nolan Koteff, Michael F. Krieger;

Barbara K. Lachmar, Gerald J. Lallatin, Kathy A. Lavitt, Greggory J. Layton, Alan G. Leal, David O. Leavitt, Thomas R. Lee;

David T. Leo, Wendy M. Lewis, Wai-Yiu Lo, Richard T. Macfarlane, Van Mackelprang, Martin Joseph Macneill, Robert Keith Maez;

Linda W. Magleby, Scott K. Mayeda, Mark L. McCarty, Brian I. Merrill, Walter T. Merrill, Eric A. Mittelstadt;

Donald J. Morgan, John K. Morrison, Steven H. Morrissett, Lynn Nicholas, Steven B. Nickerson, David R. Nielson, Pamela S. Nighswonger;

Geoffrey R. Nims, Dallas D. Norton, Justin R. Olsen, Martin N. Olsen, Farolito U. Parco, Peter M. Peer, Jane K. Phan, Phelon Scott Rammell;

Helen H. Redd, Bruce D. Reemsnyder, Mitchel T. Rice, David C. Richards, Christopher J. Robison, Elizabeth E. Rose, Anne Rowley;

Paul Davis Rytting, Dena C. Sarandos, Lawrence A. Schmidt, Timothy B. Sherman, Zachary T. Shields, Daniel G. Shumway, Jeffrey T. Sivertsen;

Jeff B. Skoubye, Kimberly J. Smith, Robert E. Steed, John William Steiger, Shannon Stewart, James Dennis Stone, Janet Lathrop Stott;

Shauna Dee Austin Stout, James C. Swapp, Steven Erick Swenson, Jeannette F. Swent, Michelle C. Tack, Carrie T. Taylor, Mark D. Taylor;

Sidney B. Unrau, Todd A. Utzinger, Robert W. Vail, Tineke E. Van Dijk, Lynn-Alison Waite, Brent K. Wamsley, Craig J. Wangsgard;

Kevin D. Whatcott, Jeffery S. Williams, Steven Allen Wuthrich, Robin Kent Youngberg, Penelope E. Young, Randy J. Young, Gary L. Zaugg.


Gypsy Jyll Willis

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Gypsy Willis schemed with Martin MacNeill to steal the identity of one of his adopted daughters.  She was charged with these crimes and is also currently in prison.  On one of the altered documents that she used to obtain the false birth certificate she posed as the adoptive mother.  She has also posed as Martin’s MacNeill’s wife and they used my sister Michele’s funeral date as their actual wedding date.  Can you believe that?  She also had the nerve to use Michele’s birth date on one forged document.  How dare her! Here are the names I have seen her use:

Her real name-Gypsy Jyll Willis

AKA’s-Jillian Giselle MacNeill & Jyll Wilson

If you have any information regarding her in affiliation with Martin MacNeill please contact me.