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Doctor’s former mistress testifies about relationship

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Jim Dalrymple – Daily Herald

PROVO — Just days after Rachel MacNeill’s mother, Michele, died in 2007, her father, Martin MacNeill, asked her to accompany him to the LDS temple in American Fork. He wanted to pray about getting a nanny for the family, Rachel testified Wednesday in court, so she went.

But when Rachel and her father arrived, he suggested participating in initiatory ceremonies — which meant they wouldn’t have a chance to talk about getting a nanny — then later he met her outside where they were confronted by a woman.

According to Rachel, MacNeill asked the woman her name at least three times. Each time, the woman replied that she went by Jillian. After she left, MacNeill suggested they take the woman out to lunch, though Rachel insisted she just wanted to talk about the nanny. Then MacNeill snapped.

“He said ‘Rachel, you’re never going to amount to anything in life. You think everything’s going to be handed to you,’ ” Rachel testified. read more »

A sister’s courtroom perspective and other thoughts

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April 11, 2007 marks the beginning of this madness and the tragic end of my sister’s life. It has been a long battle to get to this courtroom. It seems inconceivable that the days have finally arrived, yet years overdue.

It has been very difficult for me to listen to a description of Michele’s final days.  I found myself having to go somewhere else in my mind to withstand the aching inside as the tragic details are unraveled.  I would hear the proceedings, but would have to, at times, take my mind back to our innocent childhood days as sisters.   I would reflect back upon some good memories I could recall like playing with our dog Daisy’s puppies, pulling wagons, riding bikes, piling on the couch with mom to watch our favorite tv shows, sucking big fresh dill pickles from the grocery store deli for a dime, getting ready for school together and so many other special times. It got me through the day to relive these warm calm happy feelings that we felt in our carefree days as children; confident that’s what Michele was feeling now. read more »

Nancy Grace HLNTV – Doctor charged with wife’s murder 5 years later

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Martin MacNeill has been booked for felony murder for his wife’s death, which police have been investigating for over five years.

The arrest comes years after a coroner originally ruled his wife, Michelle, died of natural causes after drowning in her bathtub. Their daughters did not believe this, and they led the charge to have their father arrested. “He destroyed our family,” Alexis Somers told Jim Moret on Jane Velez-Mitchell.

For more on this story, tune in to Jane Velez-Mitchell weeknights at 7 p.m. ET on HLN.

About this ad Evidence to be presented next month against doctor charged with killing wife

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PROVO — Prosecutors expect to call as many as two dozen witnesses at a hearing next month to determine whether a Pleasant Grove doctor should stand trial in the death of  his wife.

“There will be a lot of evidence in this case,” assistant Utah County attorney Chad Grunander said Tuesday. “It is a complex case.”

Fourth District Judge Samuel D. McVey scheduled a five-day preliminary hearing to start Oct. 5 and then resume Oct. 9-12.

Martin MacNeill, 56, is accused of giving his wife, Michele, a dangerous combination of drugs and drowning her in the bathtub of their upscale home in April 2007. He is charged with murder and obstruction of justice.

He appeared in court Tuesday handcuffed and shackled and wearing a blue jail jumpsuit. Two of his daughters and other relatives sat on the front row but did not hold up photos of Michele MacNeill as they did during a previous court hearing. read more »