Guilty as charged – a long time coming…

An overwhelming moment at the courthouse last night when the verdict was read.. everything hinging on that moment and hearing the clerk say “Guilty” was very emotional for our family.

Afterward a courtroom down the hall was opened up for us to all to convene.  We all clapped and cheered for the investigators and prosecution as they walked in.  They asked if we would like to meet the jurors and of course we said yes.  It was a very special moment as the the jurors walked in and we were again clapping and cheering.  Those 8 individuals saw the impact it had on all of us and how happy we were with their decision and thus finally giving Michele the justice she has deserved.  We had the opportunity to talk to them and personally thank them all.  Amazing.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this case and supported our family.

(more to come later – just a quick note for now)


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