Guilty as charged – a long time coming…

An overwhelming moment at the courthouse last night when the verdict was read.. everything hinging on that moment and hearing the clerk say “Guilty” was very emotional for our family.

Afterward a courtroom down the hall was opened up for us to all to convene.  We all clapped and cheered for the investigators and prosecution as they walked in.  They asked if we would like to meet the jurors and of course we said yes.  It was a very special moment as the the jurors walked in and we were again clapping and cheering.  Those 8 individuals saw the impact it had on all of us and how happy we were with their decision and thus finally giving Michele the justice she has deserved.  We had the opportunity to talk to them and personally thank them all.  Amazing.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this case and supported our family.

(more to come later – just a quick note for now)


  1. Lorraine Antonio says:

    My heart goes out to you all. I followed the trial and just knew in my core that Martin was guilty. Thank the Lord that the jury saw the truth as well. Although your loss will never be recovered, please know in your hearts that Michelle has been with you all in spirit, binding you together, for all eternity, is the love she gave to each of you willingly and unconditionally. God bless you.

    • Marcella says:

      Congratulations Alexis to you and your sisters! You did your mother proud and now you can hold your head up and know you have the strength of 1000 martens.

  2. Tracy Fox says:

    Glad Alexis pushed for an investigation in her Mother’s death. Hope the Family can begin to mend, after this verdict. What this Father did to his Family cannot be put into words. Such a sad case not for him but the Family he tried to destroy, but did not and they destroyed him instead

  3. Christi says:

    I am so grateful that he was found guilty. I can’t imagine your loss and just pray that God can help you all heal. As a mother and a daughter my heart has been overwhelmed today. Michelle would have been so proud of her daughters. They showed strength and gave their beloved mother a voice. May God bless all of you.

  4. Sarah says:

    Praise the Lord!!! I was thrilled to wake up this morning and find out that Martin was found guilty! I cried, as I have been so invested in this trial and the story of Michele and the tragic suicide of Damian. I feel for the precious daughters of Michele who have had to live with the terrible discovery of what their father truly is and what he had done to their beautiful mother and subsequently, Damian. My heart and prayers are with you. May the healing begin for these girls that have gone through hell and back. Your mother is so proud of you, I truly believe that!

  5. Bex says:

    Congratulations to the family of Michele on the guilty verdict after such a long and heartbreaking journey. You all have my deepest condolences on the passing on of your Mom.

  6. Jasmine says:

    I am so glad her voice was finally heard. My heart would be broken had there been any other result.
    My love to you and your family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Cate Ellington says:

    This note is for Rachel, Alexis, Linda, and all the children of Michelle MacNeill along with all of the family members:

    My heart broke for you all as I listened to the verdict being read. Watching Alexis and Rachel particularly I felt their devastating loss. Not only the loss of their beautiful and wonderful mother, but, with this guilty verdict, the finality of the fact they had lost their father forever. I can only imagine how Alexis and Rachel must have re-lived all kinds of memories throughout this horrific ordeal of a more innocent time when they thought the man who was their father was supposed to have been their chief protector, betrayed them in such an overwhelming way. I want to say Alexis and Rachel, you are women who are so very very brave. I have been able to feel the overwhelming emotions that have been with you during both your testimonies. I am sorry for everything. I only hope now that in some small way you are able to heal from the horror that this man MacNeill inflicted upon you. God bless you and all of your family. Your family has become very precious to many trial watchers who watched the trial from start to finish. The verdict was the only just verdict.

  8. Nancy Collins says:

    Congratulations. I am in awe of your family’s strength in continuing to push for justice in Michele’s death. Martin MacNeill is a sociopath and is right where he belongs. Gypsy Willis needs to be prosecuted for her role in Michele’s death. Hopefully, Michele’s children will sue to get control of Martin’s assets and his estate.

    • Shelley says:

      I too agree with you that Gyspy needs to be charged next. I think she either was 100% involved (possibly even held Michelle under water) or at least encouraged Martin to kill her.

      If she talked about killing the woman herself, she is clearly evil and needs to be held accountable.

      She even now clearly feels no sympthy for this family or Michelle.

      I hope they both rot in jail.

  9. Bobbie says:

    I am so happy that your family has finally received the justice you and Michele deserve. And that this arrogant and depraved murderer has been finally recognized, condemned, and remanded for punishment. Wishing you all newfound healing and peace. – Canadian grad student, MA Conflict Analysis and Management

  10. Diane says:

    Its a relief and justice so while exciting is probably not appropriate word but once your dad has been sentenced never blame yourself or feel guilty for HIS actions. You will feel a little numb after his sentence. Just keep your eye on the goal. Justice checked but healing the family and putting the past in the past and moving forward. Its hard with a new baby but your so strong I admire all you have done. Your siblings still look to you as the mother but your so strong and it wont be long they will be able to move forward with positive goals. Key up the hard work. You and your family are in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BABY !!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO !!!!

  11. Robin Ridenour says:

    Thank God, and and thank those jurors. May your mother now rest in peace knowing that you have seen this through to its proper end. Love to you all!!!!

  12. Gayle says:

    I am so happy they found him guilty. I watched the whole trial and I knew he was guilty. He threw his whole life away and now he has to deal with karma.

  13. Tamela says:

    God bless you and your nieces. I have been praying for you and your continued healing throughout this horrific ordeal.

  14. jennifer says:

    I have been following this case and wanted to express how happy I am with the verdict !!! So happy for your family and the justice for Michele!!!I knew he was guilty from the start,I just felt it.Love you all and very happy for you!!!!

  15. Patti says:

    To the MacNeill sisters and Alexis Somer, sending love and light, many hugs, and so much support by way of prayer. Everyone’s prayers have been answered now, and I pray you can live better and with less stress, knowing justice was served. Please know so many think of you with love, and I wish I could meet you in person. You are all such great ladies, raised by a wonderful mom. You’ve made her proud. Stay strong. Xoxoxoxo God bless you all!

  16. Jill says:

    Such a relief that justice has finally been served! I was absolutely thrilled to hearn that the verdict was GUILTY. How proud your mother would be of all of you. You are all strong women and I greatly admire the strength and courage that it took for you to find justice for your mother. And now it is time to find peace for your family. God’s blessings to all of you as you put this tragedy behind you and make new memories, always remembering your mother’s love and celebrating the traditions she established for you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    • cindy says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Love to you all.
      Cindy T. in Oregon

    • Sonia says:

      I’m in Australia and have followed the case -reading anything and everything I could get my hands on-as well as watching the Trial on YouTube-

      I’m so thrilled that the MacNeill Family, Alexis Sommers-and Michele’s sisters/family got the GUILTY VERDICT that Michele deserved-and they deserved-after so many years of heartache to get to this point- RIP MICHELE AND DAMIAN that are together-shining down on you all…

      I would still like to see Dypsy Willis brought to justice as an accomplice to Murder. I have absolutely no doubt that she lied on the stand under oath when she testified that she didn’t know anything about the plans to murder Michele- the finger of suspicion now points to her for A REASON-the very same way it pointed to Martin immediately after Michele’s death all those years ago. I hope that Alexis’s twins are a girl and a boy-so the names MICHELE and DAMIAN can possibly be given as the children’s second names? Either way-those beautiful children will be very loved by a large and extended family.

      So sad that they will never get to know their beautiful Grandma and Uncle that would have loved them so dearly- May MICHELE and DAMIAN R.I.P -now that Martin will never commit murder again.

  17. Dini says:

    First I want to tell this family how sorry I am for your loss! I have lost a mother and a sister but nothing like these conditions. I have watched this trial from the beginning and I knew he was guilty.I thought he would get off because the judge seemed to lean toward the defense side.Linda, you are what a real sister is! Your Mother was a great Lady,it shows in her daughters and granddaughters Michele’s children were loved by their mother and I’m sure she has made them what they are today,strong,brave and graceful and handled this with such dignity. I feel so horrible for this family.No one should ever have to have went through a nightmare like this. I hope you all the best and may God Bless you all! This man’s HELL is just beginning and he deserves much worse and one day will have to answer to God! Wishing you all much peace and happiness !!

  18. t says:


    Is there any investigation at any of the medical facilities Martin practiced at? I think he may have used those patients to perfect his murder plot. I would say they should take a real hard look at any deaths at his last job close in time to Michele’s murder. I read your posts from beginning to end. I had watched the entire trial on Wild About Trial. I kept having my husband pause or mute the tv so I could read him some of your passages. I just kept saying, “wow!” He is completely incredibly evil! I feel so badly for your entire family. My heart goes out to all of you and I hope you can move on, all be together and grow very close. I’m sure Michele is very proud of the work all of you did to give her justice. I will be watching his sentencing Jan 7, 2014. I hope everyone is able to get their thoughts together for that day, then put them all away, enjoy the holidays and bring out your thoughts just for the court date so you all don’t have to constantly think about what you want to say. God Bless all of you, you are in my prayers! ~ D

  19. Tamara says:

    So so happy for you Linda and the entire family. I do not watch tc during the day but have been very worried that he might go free. Thank God answered prayers. All my love. Tamara

  20. Lynda says:

    Watched this unfold from Australia. Beyond thrilled for Michele’s children, you, and her extended family on the verdict. America is a safer place today. Be proud of the fight you fought…your sister would be so proud of you all. Best wishes, Lynda.

  21. Everything you have said is indicative of a psychopathic/sociopathic behavior. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope he remains behind bars where he can no longer hurt anyone else. Your sister was a beautiful girl, may she rest in peace.

  22. Spencer burned up any chances MM had to work this trial. The egomaniac even laughed during closing- unsure who with- but he came off like a 7th grader. I am happy for the family- and hope they get every penny MM has. Gypsy got away- though- she def was in on it. Too bad we cant see what those texts said. Great job by the state. Love that jury- they bring hope to the system.

  23. Kate says:

    To all of Michele’s incredibly strong, loving family….Thank you for your unending pursue to justice for such a beautiful woman. I am full of joy today in knowing that this monster will be put away (hopefully for a very long time) and that none of you will have to worry for your safety. You all have been through so much tragedy and even though it will never bring back Michele or Damian, hopefully you can put this ugly monster behind you and live your life as you know Michele would want you to. Vanessa, keep up the good, clean life not only for yourself but for your sweet little Ada. You are all beautiful people and I wish only the best in life for each and every one of you. Stick together and lean on each other in the months and years to come and above all, make sure you mix in some of those beautiful happy memories you have of Michele and Damian when you are feeling sadness. Peace be with you!

  24. Bill white says:

    I admire the courage, integrity and dignity of Michelle’s family. Their actions and voices are
    A true tribute to her.

    I am glad that the perpetrator of these crimes has been convicted of these terrible crimes.
    I hope that his mistress and co-conspirator is brought fully to justice as well.

  25. weirswalker says:

    The whole world got to know and love Michele during this trial. your family has shown courage and the will to bring the truth forward at all costs..may you and your family find peace and happiness from here on out…

  26. MinJersery says:

    I have watched this trial since the very start and what a testament to a daughters love for their mother, fear and the judicial system nothing stopped the power of the voice of the girls who adored their dear mother. I stand up and applaud you for every minute of everyday that you fought for justice. You can never get her back, but this by far is the closest to it. It is just a shame that Gypsy wont be prosecuted for murder also as she conspired to all of this. The courage that you showed to stand tall and fear not his evil eyes can not be described in words. I wish you all healing and happiness always. My family was in a very similar situation, although my mother’s life was spared. Luckily, she escaped the abuse from a man so similiar to your evil sperm. I know one day your hearts will heal and hopefully he rots in jai for the rest of his miserable existence!

  27. MinJersery says:

    One other comment, as a nurse practitioner, I was shocked the prosecution didn’t ask the nurse practitioner, why martin was calling him and saying he is in the middle of “coding” his wife! No one would ever call someone in the middle of any code, yet alone a beloved wife. I also felt, it would have been helpful to call another nurse practitioner to prove that fact. I wonder how many patients murderer martin helped kill!!

  28. I think it is wonderful how members of the jury were able to meet with the family- michelle’s sisters- alexis, rachel, vannessa, sabrina- elle- it really makes me proud of this system- and proud of utah- as a new yorker- i kneel down before utah today. After the atrocities of justice we saw with rice pudding filled brains of the juries sitting on the zimmerman trial (he’s been arrested twice and still carries his gun everywhere he goes- like there is an effin reason to) and casey anthony (even judge perry saw she was guilty- how she played the jury) and jodi arias (how they could not put that girls to death for what she did) it is a sunny day on earth- thank you lady justice- and we love you somers family… Gosh- still cant believe what this guy tried to get away with…

  29. Valerie says:

    I also like many others grew to love Michele Macneil through the love portrayed by her most beautiful girls.I am so happy you had your mother to raise you into wonderful people. Remember all of the good she gave to you when she was alive.This world is a better place with all of you still here carrying on her love for you. I only hope that “Dypsy” will be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. You are much better people than I, as I may have taken matters into my own hands concerning that evil person. Your Mom and your brother were both present everyday in that court room helping facilitate where this verdict went.JUSTICE WAS SERVED!!!!!

  30. Connie Kitchens says:

    I am so happy for all of you! I’ve followed your story and trial, just trying to imagine all the different emotions you are all going through. My heart and prayers go out for each of you. I not only hope he is punished to the max, I wish there was a way to go after Gypsy! She is as guilty as he is!
    Your sister and mother, Michele, is smiling down at you. She would be so proud how you all stood your ground and never gave up. That is love.
    Wishing you each a bright happy future,
    Lake Charles, LA

  31. JoAnn says:

    So sorry for all the pain and sadness your family has endured caused by a man that was supposed to love and protect you all. May God continue to give you the strength and courage to help each other heal the deep wounds he has caused.

    I definately believe Gypsy knew of this plan and should be criminally charged. I am hoping that if MM is as narsacistic as I believe he is that whatever information he has on Gypsy he will be ready to tell since he doesn’t have anything to lose at this point. She made it clear on the stand she was using him for a long time and he will not want her to walk away free. Just hoping she is made accountable for her part.

    God Bless your family

  32. jamie says:

    heartfelt hugs and thoughts from CT. been following the case and i am so relieved and happy for your family that a guilty verdict was brought upon that sad excuse for a human being. i too hope that gypsy gets to her what is due. mm did not act alone.

    may michele rest in peace, knowing her murderer has been punished for what he did. and now, the family can fully heal and complete the grieving process that they so need and deserve.

    much love and blessings to the whole family, and friends.

  33. The Ice Man used to say how he used “cyanide” on marks- and they would have heart attacks- and it is completely untraceable… Macneill probably used. This or similar. How did damien die?

  34. Kevin says:

    I just wanted to say I followed this trial since it began, as well as reading the articles that began popping up years ago. I had a horrible feeling every time I looked at a photo of Martin and when I saw that smug face during the testimonies of his daughters, there was no doubt in my mind of his guilt. I was so sad when I heard that little Ada was looking forward to McDonalds after school with her mom, I took my 18 month old to dinner that night. A real man would have been a wreck watching his daughters testify of what he’d put them through.

    He has selfishly lived his life and tried to destroy so many in his path. Michele’s eternity is much more solidified having done all the good that she did in this life before this monster came along. May each of you strive to do the same so you can return to her without this evil individual to get in the way.

  35. Julie says:

    SO THANKFUL!! GUILTY! We are so happy for this verdict. I have followed it since 20/20. Perhaps your family can begin to have peace and heal. Julie

  36. Still celebrating a great win for the girls AND the justice system- Utah makes me proud to be an American. I remaim disappointed at Spencer- as I just noticed how- after the court agreed to issue a gag order on using the inmate’s names- for obvi reasons- he did so anyway- quoting inmate. 2ks name and doing it in a manner where he knew what he was doing. I would love to slap him- what a joke he is- the goofy looking fool.

  37. Cate Ellington says:

    Just one more note I wanted to leave with Alexis, Rachel & Vanessa: (Linda, thank you so much for providing a forum that has allowed so many of us to send our thoughts and prayers)

    Dear Alexis, I just watched your testimony again and although I am sure – in spite of everything- this is the furthest thing from yr mind- I wanted you to know that NOBODY was left with the idea that you did anything wrong on your Medical School Application. You WERE in the role of a nanny/caretaker/mother for your younger sisters becs of your father’s actions and there is no reason on earth you shouldn’t have been allowed to say that in your application. I also understood why you used Rachel’s married name. It was absolutely NO big deal. Randy Spencer looked like a dirt-bag in his attempt to discredit you and failed in an epic way and showed his cards at how desperate the defense was. I loved it. You did NOT come across in anyway -shape -or form as dishonest -no matter how hard Spencer tried to twist your every little word and make it seem like you were being dishonest. You are one very impressive woman!

    Dear Rachel, it was your testimony that for me was probably the hardest emotionally and the pain you were feeling was so very vivid and clear -and your lack of words -actually spoke volumes. Suzanne Gustin’s attempt to discredit you was abysmal and appalling. Every daughter- with a heart -who has loved her father and yet been betrayed so massively or could imagine being betrayed in such a way, understood you and stood by you. We understood your incredulous-ness at the situation you find yourself in. You are a very beautiful woman with a very sensitive heart and I hope you know that in your core.

    Dear Vanessa, Your testimony was also extremely hard and so heartfelt. I wanted to tell you that I have personal experience with what you have been through in your life (what you were forced to tell the court re: your personal background -outside your father) and I hope with all my heart you are continuing to do well. I believe you are – because you looked absolutely beautiful and radiant. I don’t know how far removed from that -that you are, and I know you hv had far more than most to deal with in life, so it is not surprising you sought a form of comfort outside yourself. I can promise you though, that the yearning for a superficial ‘band aid’ DOES indeed go away…FOREVER. But you must continue to thrive. Your family needs you now more than ever. Your sisters, aunts and cousins and your daughter – need to stay together to ensure the good that Michele left behind.

    If anything- all of your cross examinations served as another reminder to the entire world about what kind of a man and father Martin MacNeill was- or rather was NOT. NO good father would ever ever willingly put his own daughters through that kind of cross examination. Here is a very strong hope that you all are blanketed with enormous love and shelter moving on in your lives.

    Very best,

    Cate Ellington

  38. TrudyLynn says:

    could you please tell me why Vanessa’s name is never included in the list of daughters.
    And is it true Giselle was made to do housework while the other girls went to ballet etc. When I saw her interview, she mentioned being on her own now. Is it not true that Linda Cluff adopted her or at least Giselle was living with her when they brought her back from the Ukraine

  39. MLutter says:

    I am happy for the family that the truth prevailed. The best thing I did when my father and mother passed was to write about my feeling each day as I went through the process of grieving. I am glad that many family members have chosen that same path. It is very cathartic. Wishing you all many blessings.

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