Inmates say Martin MacNeill revealed details of wife’s death

Courts » MacNeill said he didn’t kill wife, but “If I did, they don’t have any evidence,” says man identified as Inmate #3.

By Jessica Miller

| The Salt Lake Tribune 

First Published Nov 05 2013 07:24 am • Updated 1 hour ago

Provo • Three federal inmates who served time alongside Martin MacNeill testified Tuesday that the man revealed details about how his wife died, but none of the three said the former Pleasant Grove doctor outright admitted to killing her.

“He was like, ‘Nah, I didn’t murder my wife,’ ” testified a man identified only as federal Inmate #3. “ ‘ If I did, they don’t have any evidence.’ ”

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  1. JoAnn Brooks says:

    My sister was a homicide victim in Dallas County. She was poisoned with drugs prescribed during hospice care. We are in the same position with an undetermined cause of death and
    a hard to prove case since these drugs were supposed to be in her system. I’ve been following
    the Michele’s case closely and wondered why more wasn’t made of this man’s fear of having to pay child support for 8 children. Not having to pay child support has been a strong motive for
    homicide in the past. Martin seems an insincere person with may reasons to kill Michelle and
    I gauge the case as 80/20 situation based on what is known so far. The 80% is that he will
    be convicted.

    We have our case in the Appellate Court and are hoping to reverse a probate ruling that allowed our murderer to recover over $400K. Our family was cut out of a fraudulent will.

    The Judge has great command of the law in your case and is beginning to show the
    prosecution more consideration. Still, I thought he could have allowed in more of
    Alexis’ conversations with Michelle in the days before her death.

    Good Luck, My prayers are with you. JoAnn Brooks

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