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  1. DeDee says:

    Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of beautiful Michelle. Prayers are for strength and courage for her precious family. May each of you be blessed beyond measure.

  2. Jeanne Spinelli says:

    I have been watching the trial every day. After finding out that Gypsy was a nurse I believe she and that animal planned this horrible murder. She may not have been there, but she knew exactly how it was going to be done and most likely gave her input on just what to do to make it look like an accident.

    If he gets away with this crime, I wouldn’t be surprised because we have seen murderers in the past going free. However, if he does not get convicted, the perfect end to this story would be that he marries Gypsy and she kills him. Or that he has a stroke or heart attack during the trial because he is looking pretty stressed out.

    My heart breaks for the children and they need to see justice done.

  3. D Conway says:

    My daughters and I listen to the trial after school and of course feel terrible about the horror of the Mother’s murder and cruelty put upon the children, we talk about the rules of our judicial system. They are amazed at the amount of information that is withheld from the jury. Also, why do the attorneys get to decide how a witness answers? A complete answer or only yes or no? How can there be a full presentation of the evidence? If the prisoners have to have their sentences exposed, why aren’t MacNeill’s past crimes allowed?

    We are also disappointed in the questioning by the prosecution. Gypsy’s mother could have been asked much more and the impact of the questioning of the youngest daughter has been lost. Go back to that. Show her drawing. Go back to him asking for all the drugs from her doctor and Michelle’s fear of taking the pills. Why couldn’t he get her out of the tub? So much is there. Did he even do CPR? Who saw him? Get focused. My best to this family.

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