‘Other woman’ again testifies in Martin MacNeill murder trial

By Jessica Miller

| The Salt Lake Tribune

 First Published Oct 29 2013 07:08 am

Provo • As the murder trial for Martin MacNeill’s continued Tuesday, the alleged “other woman” in his life resumed her testimony on the witness stand.

Martin MacNeill, 57, is on trial for allegedly killing his 50-year-old wife, Michele MacNeill, in April 2007 in order to continue an extra-marital affair with a younger woman.

That woman, now-37-year-old Gypsy Jillian Willis, is required to testify at the murder trial as part of a plea deal in an unrelated identity fraud case.

Prosecutors on Tuesday presented Willis with a number of “pictures messages” she sent to Martin MacNeill the day after his wife died.

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  1. Erica Guinn says:

    I have been following this trial. And I just would like to give you my condolences. I have 3 sisters and I couldn’t imagine losing one of them like that!! She would be so proud that you and her daughters are standing up for her and never gave up!!

  2. Stephanie Buhler says:

    I thought I understood the pain your family has endured because my sister was murdered by her husband also. She was Judge Belinda Loveland. I had hopes of the pain fading with time. After watching the trial..I can see it is not so. This family from what I see and read has been put in a shredder or woodchipper. Martin MacNeill and GYPSY have ruined so many lifes. I can only pray for peace, comfort and send love to the extended family. Certainly, Justice Will Prevail!

  3. Maria says:

    Rattlesnakes are what Martin and Gypsy are.
    The heartbreaking thing is that lovely Michelle didn’t saw how demented her husband was. I hope that creep rots in Hell.And I’m sure that he as a narcissist already suffers, he has finally being exposed not being a Dr….

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