Martin MacNeill’s daughter testifies in murder trial

Father expressed concern he might be accused of killing his wife, Rachel MacNeill tells the court.

Gypsy Jillian Willis was unlike any other nanny that Rachel MacNeill had ever seen.

She didn’t cook. She didn’t clean.

She didn’t care for the children.

But Willis was still hired — just weeks after Rachel MacNeill’s mother, Michele MacNeill, had died — to care for her younger sisters.

But instead of attending to the small children, Rachel MacNeill, 34, testified on Thursday that Willis’ focus was instead on her father, Martin MacNeill.

“I expected her to be focused on the children, to cook or clean or take care of the children,” Rachel MacNeill testified. “[Instead], my dad was cooking, she was staring at my dad. There was nobody looking after the children.”

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