Prescription for murder? MacNeill trial begins – HLN live blog

HLN is live-blogging the Martin MacNeill murder trial. Minute-by-minute updates can be found under this story.

Former Utah doctor Martin MacNeill was a coldhearted husband who moved his mistress into the family’s house not long after his wife’s funeral, alleged a prosecuting attorney Thursday in the first day of MacNeill’s murder trial.

Prosecutor Sam Pead also accused Martin MacNeill of being all smiles at his wife Michele’s burial, and said he talked about “how odd it was to be a bachelor again.”

HLN media – blog and video

  1. Karen Lomeli says:

    I am praying for the truth to come out in the trial and that this murderer will face the ultimate judgement some day.

    I am sure Michele is proud of all of you for staying strong and fighting on for her case!

    God bless you Linda.

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