Martin MacNeill-Rufus Roy MacNeill

Is there anyone out there who knows where Rufus Roy MacNeill is buried? He is the brother of Martin MacNeill.  I am also looking for the exact date he died and where he died?  I have his date of birth as 12/31/44. Is there anyone at all?  Please help.  Thank-you, Linda

Mother’s maiden name: Woody

  1. anonymous M says:

    He died April 3 1986 in CamdenNJ. I believe burial in Evergreen Cemetary, EphraiAve Camden NJ. The arrangements were by Roedel Funeral Servi
    mothers maiden name Woodie.

  2. Willsgrill says:

    How can this story be true? Martin appears to have been born in California. He was 22 when he married Michele in 1978 or 9. This Rufus was married and lived with his wife. Martin was 30?

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