Martin MacNeill steals from the Veterans Administration & Social Security Administration

Did you know that Martin MacNeill was given a military leave after allegedly being deemed a schizophrenic.  He was given 50 percent disability from the Veterans Administration and then 100 percent based on him being anti-social, not going to school, and claiming he wasn’t working.  He also managed to get 100 percent pay from Social Security, while still earning a six-digit income.

Does anyone with these organizations ever check anything out or do they just write checks?  Martin was working the entire time as a physician earning a income and at the same time still claiming the disability.  He was collecting thousands of dollars each month between both of these organizations for over 30 years as if he was not working and never getting caught?  He had a separate bank account unknown to his family.

Martin can steal from the true disabled vets and from the social security administration, but gets no additional time in prison for that?  I’m serious! I can only imagine how the veterans who are truly disabled and so deserving will feel knowing this.  What is wrong with this system?  I hear of people all the time who steal no where near this kind of money on the news and get time, but why should stealing millions of dollars from these organizations matter? Does that make sense?

He needs to pay for these crimes!  We lives in a crazy world!  I will keep on fighting for justice, because my sister is worth it and so is all the innocent people who have been hurt by Martin

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