Martin MacNeill director of UT State Developmental Center Arrested

Martin MacNeill who is now serving time in prison worked as the medical director at the Utah State Developmental Center.  He has called himself an MD at times and a DO at times.  He also has his JD from BYU, but he falsified transcripts from college to get into medical school and into the BYU law school.  He was even on probation from his felony conviction in Orange County when he attended medical school.  How does that happen?  This man was caring for the disabled at the developmental center?  How scary is that?  Did they not do a background check? How did he get jobs caring for people with a felony conviction in his past? How did he get into law school with a prior felony on his record?  Did he perhaps lie on his application?  Will there be a repercussion for that?    His entire life has been made of lies and more lies to cover those lies.


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