Preliminary hearing starts for man accused of killing his wife

PROVO, Utah – A prominent Utah doctor charged with his wife’s murder was back in court Wednesday.

Dr. Martin MacNeill is accused in an elaborate murder plot to kill his wife Michelle in 2007, but he has not been charged until recently.

Wednesday was the first day of his preliminary hearing.

Prosecutors believe MacNeill gave his wife a lethal dose of pain killers while she was home recovering from plastic surgery back in April 2007.

The state called two witnesses during the morning session.

“We’re just going to run through each of the witnesses that we think are necessary to establish probable cause from a chronological stand point, an evidentiary stand point, and then we will probably conclude with more of our expert doctor type analysis,” said Sam Pead, Utah County deputy attorney.

The first was a doctor who treated Michelle before her surgery. He said he wanted her to postpone the surgery until she could get her blood pressure under control. The doctor said MacNeill was anxious that she get the surgery.

A second doctor, who performed the plastic surgery, testified that before the surgery, MacNeill asked for a strong pain medication as he was concerned about Michelle’s anxiety. The doctor said he did write a prescription for the higher dose.

After the surgery, the doctor said Michelle was recovering well and was being weaned off of the pain medications.

“They’ve only had two witnesses on, so it’s really just basically their observations,” said Susanne Gustin, MacNeill’s attorney.

MacNeill’s daughter, who was 6 when she found her mother unconscious in the bath tub, is expected to take the witness stand.

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  1. TrudyLynn says:

    Hopefully some folks that may have been nervous about coming forward because they were afraid of him, might shed more light on who he really “isn’t”.

    Congratulations to the girls. Divorce and children feeling like they have to pick sides, is traumatic enough but this must have been 10 fold. Your not just picking a side, you are essentially sending the other parent to ‘circumstantial’ death. But he deserves this girls don’t feel as if you have betrayed him, quite the opposite.
    Can’t wait til the book comes out. There should be enough money from that for the younger children education etc.
    Vanessa, I have been where you are at. I could not at first do it for myself, but could,I found, stay clean and sober for my two children. I know the love you have for your mother and your own inner strength can carry you through until the MIRACLE HAPPENS FOR YOU! Love in Recovery to you.

    To the rest of the family, one day you will serve as an inspiration to others who may suffer the same familial situation and you will be able to step in and support them in a way that no one other than those who have actually lived through the same situation could have the understanding for. In the meantime, allow yourselves to sob, cry on a loved ones shoulder, cry in your car, in the bathroom, while cooking supper, where ever you are cry. One day you will decide you have cried enough over what this man has put you through and begin to have memories more loving times, the happy times with your mother without including ‘him’. I’m sorry he did this to you, betrayal crumbles the foundation of our own existence as we work through the doubts about our own lives as they relate to what was. What wasn’t.
    Love to you all in the Glorious name of sisterhood, “The YaYa Sisters”!
    God Bless You All. Can’t wait to hear about those twins. Trudy G.

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