A sister’s courtroom perspective and other thoughts

April 11, 2007 marks the beginning of this madness and the tragic end of my sister’s life. It has been a long battle to get to this courtroom. It seems inconceivable that the days have finally arrived, yet years overdue.

It has been very difficult for me to listen to a description of Michele’s final days.  I found myself having to go somewhere else in my mind to withstand the aching inside as the tragic details are unraveled.  I would hear the proceedings, but would have to, at times, take my mind back to our innocent childhood days as sisters.   I would reflect back upon some good memories I could recall like playing with our dog Daisy’s puppies, pulling wagons, riding bikes, piling on the couch with mom to watch our favorite tv shows, sucking big fresh dill pickles from the grocery store deli for a dime, getting ready for school together and so many other special times. It got me through the day to relive these warm calm happy feelings that we felt in our carefree days as children; confident that’s what Michele was feeling now.

I said a silent thank you to the witnesses that testified who came to help my sister.  The neighbors, Kristi Daniels, Angela Aguilar, and Doug Daniels who did all they could to save her.  The police officers, Ray Ormond, Joshua Motsinger and the fire chief Mark Patterson who worked effortlessly also to save her.  The ER physician, Dr. Scott Van Wagoner, who knew Michele was gone, but still did all he could to the end.  You are all heroes to me.

I have also observed Martin in court who has shown no emotion when they talk about Michele. Martin’s expression has remained the same even when he saw his own daughters testifying across the room from him.  He sat there stone faced and cold.  I would have expected nothing different from Martin.  This was not a surprise. This is precisely the Martin I have always known.

Tuesday October 9th the preliminary hearing will continue.  I want to thank all those who support us in this cause.  Michele has had a wonderful support system and friends both old and new.  One dear friend is Lorene Hernandez who has dedicated so much time to be at everything.  My two sister’s Susan and Terry from California who are here for these proceedings.  They have been a constant source of support through this entire process.  I personally also want to thank my mother who is still with us.  She painfully aches by our side at the loss of a beautiful daughter.

I know Michele is with us in this fight.  If you find your heart aching during the proceedings please go to that place in your head and heart with good memories of Michele as I have done.  She is free from pain now, perhaps pulling a wagon full of puppies or running in a meadow full of flowers.

I miss you so much and I love you.

Your sister,




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