Martin MacNeill-Blanding Clinic-Utah 1988

Martin MacNeill lived with my older sister and her family in Blanding, Utah in 1988 for a short time and worked at the Blanding clinic and in the emergency room at the hospital.  Are there any victims of Martin MacNeill in Blanding?  Is it possible some crime against someone could have occurred there?  I believe there are victims in every path he has crossed.  If you are a victim of Martin MacNeill or know of someone who was, please contact me.  I want to know of anyone else who may have fallen victim to his evil.

Does anyone in Blanding or Monticello Utah know about a big town meeting that was held regarding Martin? The meeting was apparently held at the Elementary School cafeteria regarding Martin’s medical credentials that supposedly had somehow been lost or something like that, and the meeting was packed with people. One thing the people wanted was proof that he was indeed a doctor.  Did anyone out there attend this meeting or know about it?

I believe there more to learn about Martin’s life in Blanding.

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