Martin’s 1977 Fraud Charges & Falsified School Transcipt-A story of inspiration

Michele Meeting Martin:
In 1977 our family moved from Concord, California to Mission Viejo, California.  It was in Mission Viejo in late 1977 where Michele met Martin and they began dating.  We learned during their time dating that Martin was in some trouble for writing bad checks.  Their courtship was extremely short.  We soon discovered much to our family’s disapproval of Martin, they had eloped.

It wasn’t until after they were married that Michele and our family learned the true seriousness of the crimes he was charged with.  We soon discovered he was charged with 14 felony counts of fraud.  These crimes had been committed about a year before even knowing my sister.  This was upsetting to all of us that he was not upfront,  but more importantly he had deceived Michele.  He made light of it when he was dating her by telling her he had made a dumb mistake in the past and had written a few bad checks.  He said it was “No big deal”.  However, as we looked into it further we learned the extent of who he was.  My mother kept the newspaper article that came out in the Orange County Register on these charges and also went to the court to obtain all the court papers, which included two psychological evaluations on Martin.  My mother stated at the time, “I want to get these (referring to the court records) and keep them, because I just feel we may need these some day.”  Who would of known that over 30 years later they would prove to be so important and we would be handing them over to the Utah County Attorney’s Office providing them with valuable information.  (These are the papers I also took to the Utah County Sheriffs, Pleasant Grove Police, and the Governors office immediately following Michele’s death).  These are also the very papers shown on 20/20 which I provided, thank-you, mom.

Things were strained for awhile between Michele and her family.  My mother tried to discuss the information in the court reports and evaluations with Michele.  What she read caused extreme concern and worry, but there was no talking to her.  They were married now complicating things even more.  We have no idea how or what he said to explain everything to her, but we just know whatever we said made her draw further from us and closer to him.  There was no talking to her.  He had a hold on her.  There was nothing we could do.

It was from that point on that we just had to move forward to keep a relationship with Michele.  We as Michele’s family tried our hardest to accept Martin. What else could we do?  We had to deal with the devil, as we saw him, or lose what we had left of a relationship with Michele.

Death of Michele:
We as Michele’s family had to find out about our own sister’s  death through a family friend in California who called my sister Terry to offer their sympathy regarding the passing of Michele.  They of course assumed we had all been notified.  My sister Terry had no idea what they were talking about and questioned if it was even true or if the person had heard just a rumor.  In a panic hearing this news Terry then called me since I live in Utah near Michele to ask me if I had heard anything.  I told her I had not and then we were both frantic and in a state of shock.  After hearing this and wondering if this could this be true,  my daughter Jill called Michele’s cell phone and Michele’s daughter, Alexis, answered and confirmed it was true, Michele had died.  I later learned that Martin forbade his family from calling Michele’s sisters or her own Mother.  I had to go over and tell my mother.  My mother then called to talk to Martin and he hung up on her.  He told Michele’s children he did not want “those people”, referring to Michele’s family, showing up at the funeral.  I received a call also with instructions of who could and couldn’t go to my sister’s funeral, because it may upset Martin and if they did show up, we were told that there would be police to escort them out of the church.  Rather than upset the girls and cause problems we decided to hold  a private graveside ceremony the following day for those of Michele’s family who were not “allowed” at the services.  We later learned that he said to someone that one good thing about Michele dying is that he wouldn’t have to “deal with us anymore.”

As soon as I heard Michele died  I had no doubt that Martin had killed her.  My whole family felt the same way and verbally expressed this.

I don’t think Martin ever wanted much to do with Michele’s family, because he could tell we could see through him.  It was even more apparent after my sister’s passing, because we knew his past and what he was really capable of.

This began my quest for justice of which you can read of further in my blog entitled,  “How did Martin get caught with Identity theft and thus discovered?  The true story and much more.”

Ending thoughts-

Over 30 years ago, my now 90 year old mother, so carefully inspired kept and watched over the 1977 court documents, which included the psychological evaluations, a copy of a newspaper article, and the imprint of an official seal from St. Martin’s College found in the trunk of her car and also stated “I won’t be surprised if he killed her some day.”  Who would of thought I would have to go to her house in April 2007 and inform her that her insight and inspiration of 30 years ago about her daughter–a mother’s worst nightmare– had come true-Michele truly had been murdered.  She even knew and tried to warn her dear Michele, but in this case evil prevailed.  What a tragedy.

I want to make it known to you how very difficult it has been for Michele’s sisters, brothers, and mother as well.  It is a different kind of pain and struggle that we have lived with.  I can’t and won’t go into descriptions or details as that isn’t what  I want to focus on.   I want to end simply by saying that Michele’s family lived all these years knowing Martin was evil and capable of anything and everything, but no body would listen and thought we were crazy.  We always questioned things among ourselves, but could go no place with the questions.  A families personal torment.. We always felt he was getting money illegally from the beginning, but like I said, where do you go with your questions?  Everyone around us seem to accept him and he got jobs everywhere etc… We would even discuss the very things he is charged with and accused of now. We also knew his schooling didn’t add up. Nothing seemed right with Martin MacNeill from the minute we knew him.  I guess I find it strange that he could fool so many people, but quite honestly he didn’t fool us ever.

We only want justice for Michele now.  To finally end the evil that we saw began in 1977.  Too bad it ended with the tragedy of  someone who we dearly love, and someone so full of beauty and potential.  The memories however cannot be taken and will forever live on with us until we see her again.


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