Martin-The man behind the curtain-A Monster

Martin MacNeill:

I have read many comments and reference to the book “People of the lie” by M. Scott Peck in regards to Martin.  I myself have not read the book although I am going to pick up a copy now.  The title alone interests me.

In the book the author apparently states a couple of things that are so much “Martin” I wanted to post them:

1. a favorite “hiding place” of evil people is church because it reinforces their “appearance” of propriety by being associated with those who are authentically striving to live righteous lives and who truly are decent people.
2. Evil people place the highest emphasis on their “appearance” of being perceived by others as decent, honorable, safe, caring and kind all the while planning evil deeds.

I can tell you personally that is true of Martin from 33 years of watching “the play”.  Martin choose the cast.  Martin was the director.  Appearance meant everything.  Perfection was demanded.  The church was the stage and he was the actor however, behind the curtain lived a monster.


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