Fraud 1977 Martin MacNeill

Committing Fraud is nothing new for Martin MacNeill. In Orange County California in 1977 he was charged with 14 felony counts.  He selected a name from the county recorder’s record and then hired someone to obtain a copy of the birth certificate by swearing they were that person’s father.  Then he used that birth certificate and obtained a temporary driver’s license.  He then opened up a checking account with $50.  This led to a shopping spree over labor day weekend when banks were closed.  He stole over $30,000.  The newspaper article about the crime stated he got the idea from the TV show 60 minutes.  He then bragged to his friends that he could do it better.  The paper quoted people from the businesses he had passed the bad checks to as saying that he looked rich, didn’t look nervous at all, and he was very smooth.

He has led a double life for 32 years that I know of, but prior to 1977 who knows could be more?  I can only image what has gone on.  He plays his parts very well -intimidation and fear- the cocktail for don’t ask don’t tell.


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