Martin MacNeill Relinquished Parental Rights

August 2008 Martin MacNeill relinquished his parental rights. I find it strange having to spend thousands of dollars going to court to obtain guardianship when he abandoned one of his adopted children in another country for the purpose of stealing her identity for his girlfriend and then tried to get rid of the other adopted children as well. How ludicrous is that to have to hire an attorney to keep him from getting them back when he was abandoning them and giving them away? How or why would they even think of letting the children go back with him?  Why was he not charged with abandonment?  The daughter he abandoned in the Ukraine was a minor and nothing happened.  Martin didn’t even get a slap on the hand, and he was not even held responsible to reimburse the expense of flying over and bringing her back.  I guess it must be OK to send your minor children to another country and leave them there for over 9 months.  Does any of this make sense?  Is there anyone out there that knows more about him? Please tell me. It has been from small bits of information sometimes that we have discovered bigger pieces to a puzzle.  It is hard to believe isn’t it that I had to fight him in court?  It has been very frightening for Giselle and our family.  We went through so much and to bring Giselle back to the states and nothing happens to Martin?  In fact, like I said we are penalized with attorney fees, court costs, plane tickets, hotel costs, etc…Of course a small fee in comparison for a 16 year old’s life.  Once again, what is wrong with our system? Does this seem right to you?


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