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Martin MacNeill-Sona Laser Center SLC, UT

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Martin MacNeill was the physician at the Sona Laser Center in SLC, UT in 2005. On January 31, 2006 there was an news article on KUTV “Get Gephardt” about the center. The center closed down suddenly one day and the owner jilted customers out of thousands of dollars for services that they paid for in advance which they did did not receive. Do any former customers of the Sona Laser Center recall Martin MacNeill or have any experiences with him as the physician there?  Please contact me through this web site.  Thank you, Linda

Martin MacNeill Relinquished Parental Rights

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August 2008 Martin MacNeill relinquished his parental rights. I find it strange having to spend thousands of dollars going to court to obtain guardianship when he abandoned one of his adopted children in another country for the purpose of stealing her identity for his girlfriend and then tried to get rid of the other adopted children as well. How ludicrous is that to have to hire an attorney to keep him from getting them back when he was abandoning them and giving them away? How or why would they even think of letting the children go back with him?  Why was he not charged with abandonment?  The daughter he abandoned in the Ukraine was a minor and nothing happened.  Martin didn’t even get a slap on the hand, and he was not even held responsible to reimburse the expense of flying over and bringing her back.  I guess it must be OK to send your minor children to another country and leave them there for over 9 months.  Does any of this make sense?  Is there anyone out there that knows more about him? Please tell me. It has been from small bits of information sometimes that we have discovered bigger pieces to a puzzle.  It is hard to believe isn’t it that I had to fight him in court?  It has been very frightening for Giselle and our family.  We went through so much and to bring Giselle back to the states and nothing happens to Martin?  In fact, like I said we are penalized with attorney fees, court costs, plane tickets, hotel costs, etc…Of course a small fee in comparison for a 16 year old’s life.  Once again, what is wrong with our system? Does this seem right to you?


Gypsy Jyll Willis

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Gypsy Willis schemed with Martin MacNeill to steal the identity of one of his adopted daughters.  She was charged with these crimes and is also currently in prison.  On one of the altered documents that she used to obtain the false birth certificate she posed as the adoptive mother.  She has also posed as Martin’s MacNeill’s wife and they used my sister Michele’s funeral date as their actual wedding date.  Can you believe that?  She also had the nerve to use Michele’s birth date on one forged document.  How dare her! Here are the names I have seen her use:

Her real name-Gypsy Jyll Willis

AKA’s-Jillian Giselle MacNeill & Jyll Wilson

If you have any information regarding her in affiliation with Martin MacNeill please contact me.

Martin MacNeill “Great Deceiver”

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Martin MacNeill prides himself in thinking he is above the law.  He has followed this pattern his entire life.  He has spent his entire life deceiving people who trusted him including those in his profession, his children, and sadly my older sister, Michele.  Her life ended tragically. He is currently being investigated for the events leading to her death.  So many lives I know of and I am sure so many more yet unknown have been destroyed from Martin.  There will be more if he is not stopped.  If you know something, please come forward.

Fraud 1977 Martin MacNeill

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Committing Fraud is nothing new for Martin MacNeill. In Orange County California in 1977 he was charged with 14 felony counts.  He selected a name from the county recorder’s record and then hired someone to obtain a copy of the birth certificate by swearing they were that person’s father.  Then he used that birth certificate and obtained a temporary driver’s license.  He then opened up a checking account with $50.  This led to a shopping spree over labor day weekend when banks were closed.  He stole over $30,000.  The newspaper article about the crime stated he got the idea from the TV show 60 minutes.  He then bragged to his friends that he could do it better.  The paper quoted people from the businesses he had passed the bad checks to as saying that he looked rich, didn’t look nervous at all, and he was very smooth.

He has led a double life for 32 years that I know of, but prior to 1977 who knows could be more?  I can only image what has gone on.  He plays his parts very well -intimidation and fear- the cocktail for don’t ask don’t tell.


Fraud Perpetrated by Martin MacNeill

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Martin MacNeill changed the date of birth on one of his adopted daughter’s birth certificate immediately following the death of my older sister, Michele “Somers” MacNeill, in 2007. His girlfriend, Gypsy Jyll Willis, used the adopted daughter’s birth certificate and social security number to pull of this premeditated crime of identity theft.  Martin planned this crime using his own adopted daughter as the victim.

Do you know Martin MacNeill?

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Since Martin’s arrest we have received phone calls and emails from people who have been victimized my Martin, but who have been afraid to come forth in the past.  Now is the time to get justice, please make contact if you know anything.  If you have any information about Martin Joseph MacNeill please contact me here or email

Thank you. Linda